French pastry chef Tal Spiegel combines pastries with his favourite accessories, shoes & laces

Pastry making seems to become a new Art form, especially in Paris where we met the Pâtissier Tal Spiegel who is known for his pastry/ accessory style which you can admire at his latest book @desserted_in_Paris .

His is known for his fashion, pastry stylings to the point, besides that his creations taste delicious.

IRMA: What is the best thing about making pastries?
Tal Spiegel: For me, as a pastry chef, it is composed of the joy of creativity, playing with food and combining flavours together and of course the joy of seeing people tasting my creations. Being a pastry chef is a very rewarding profession in the term of direct response from your audience.

© Tal Spiegel

IRMA: You always combine your or other pastry creations with a pair of matching shoes. How do you bring it all together for your photo- is it just by colour?
Tal Spiegel: Well the process is that I usually receive the pastry creations to my home where I keep all the shoes, then I start looking for the matching shoe within my collection, it is definitely not only by colour, I try to work also with textures (shiny, suede, etc…) and elements such as shoe laces and socks.

The combination of it all brings the perfect match to create the picture.

© Tal Spiegel

IRMA: What desert/ pastry is totally overrated?
Tal Spiegel: I don’t think there is an overrated dessert as it is a matter of taste, my least favourite dessert could be someone else’s most loved one but if you really twisting my arm I’ll say cupcakes, they are totally overrated in my eye, I just don’t understand them. Way too sweet for me.

© Tal Spiegel

IRMA: Ever thought of matching Haute Couture to your pastries?
Tal Spiegel: I have, the problem that you never see much of my clothes on the photos apart for the bottom of my black jeans.

I do work with great shoe brands such as Louboutin and Jimmy Choo for my latest book Desserted in Paris, @deserted_in_Paris, and it makes me very happy to bring my audience some unexpected crazy shoes.


© Tal Spiegel

IRMA: What do you tell the people that are „scared“ of carbs?
Tal Spiegel: I tell them “join the club”. I am a pastry chef who has to taste cakes for a living… every day! But I think in general if you eat balanced and make up for it in healthy eating and exercise, you are good.

© Tal Spiegel

IRMA: What are your next projects?
Tal Spiegel: I am off to the US now for a series of lectures and workshop with the chocolate company Cacao Barry. As well as an upcoming collaboration with the vodka brand Belvedere in Paris and of course my masterclass.

I always keep my followers updated on new projects and you can see the more personal side of what I do and behind the scenes of “Desserted in Paris” on my personal instagram

Tal Spiegel preparing the Patisserie

IRMA: What piece of art would you like to own if you could pick one no matter the value?
Tal Spiegel: Oh defiantly “Mr and Mrs. Clark and Percy” by David Hockney, its one of my all-time favourite paintings.

Tal Spiegel, Foto © by Svend Andersen

IRMA: A fairy will grant you 3 wishes for the future – what would they be?
Tal Spiegel: Oh wow, that’s a good question

  1. Do what I love and live of it.
  2. To be able to travel the world and explore pastries in every country.
  3. Eat pizza every day and not get fat.

A visual taste of our favourite combinations by Tal Spiegel’s latest book Deserted in Paris, where he combines French pastries by famous pastry chefs in Paris, like Fauchon, Angelina and many more to his collection of shoes from Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin to name a view.