Madriguera Workshop. Use your hands to make your life beautiful

Luis Llamas and Lydia de la Piñera are the ceramic artists behind Madriguera, a creative workshop in Galicia, Spain. Together they create their own collections of functional and daily products with a humorous touch which will be shown this week at MAISON&OBJET in Paris. Both of them worked in creative fields before becoming ceramic artist. Llamas was a sculptor and Lydia a photographer & art director. Creating ceramics combines their talents seamlessly. They work in their home with a fruit and vegetable garden where they can listen to the sound of the sea.

A perfect place that inspires to grow slowly and continue learning about ceramics and design.


IRMA: Why do you think that ceramics are getting more and more popular as an art form?
LYDIA DE LA PINERA: We think that it is possible that ceramics have adapted to the present with new designs and more current aesthetics and that for that reason is calling more attention. Social networks help new forms of diffusion different from the traditional ones which makes it interesting.

Creating the face

IRMA: Ceramics or porcelain, why do you think porcelain is getting less popular and why do you like working in ceramics?
LUIS LLAMAS: We do not think that porcelain is less popular today, there are many artists working with this material, but in our case,  we work more with stoneware. Ceramics was the perfect material to develop our project. We love it for its wide range of possibilities when working with it.


IRMA: You said that you want to grow your business slowly. Which benefits do you get from growing slowly today in a world where it is all about time and speed?
LYDIA DE LA PINERA: It is complicated with these values to compete with big companies and their economic values, but our clients share the same values and that is what makes us sustain it.

Products from the Madriguera Workshop.

IRMA: Your workplace sounds very inspiring, how important is this in general to your opinion to create a perfect space for living and/or working?
LUIS LLAMAS: If this is very important to us, it is close to places that inspire your peace and harmony to be able to concentrate and live and work. Living near the sea and in a natural environment is great to find the truth.

Madriguera mugs

IRMA: What are your next plans?
LYDIA DE LA PINERA: We just had a baby and we would like to continue living in this environment during his early years. We are going to get new designs in the spring and hope people will like them a lot.

IRMA: How do you make your designs being noticed outside your studio? Do you have a tip for young ceramic artists?
LUIS LLAMAS: Internet helps a lot and social networks are a good way to reach people. Our advice is to believe in your project and not be discouraged because they are very long processes.

The workshop

IRMA: Do you have a signature design piece and if so how/why became THIS particular design your signature?
LYDIA DE LA PINERA: Since we started the Wacamole designs, the pots with legs were always our forte but little by little other designs are gaining strength. The mugs and face plates also join this project strongly.


IRMA: If you could change one thing about the human race, what would it be?
LUIS LLAMAS: I would like to think of a more feminist, ecological and sustainable human. Without hatred or racism, a beautiful utopia 🙂

IRMA: What would you like to change about yourself?
LYDIA DE LA PINERA: We would love to be more ecological in our day to day life. We make an effort to change, but it can always be improved.

Lydia de la Piñera and Luis Llamas, the ceramic artists behind the Madriguera Workshop.