The artisanal bread by Linda Ring makes everyone happy, already by looking at it.

Linda Ring, the Swedish photographer, art lover and stylist makes sourdough bread in a traditional way and adds her illustration to make each loaf of bread a piece of art. Besides, her way of living in Stockholm seems a perfect modern life model. We take a glimpse at her home and the beautiful flower arrangements.

IRMA: How did you come up with the initial idea to combine bread making with illustration art?
LINDA RING: I’m a curious nature, and my creative brain never stops thinking about how to make everyday life beautiful.

Linda Ring

IRMA: Where do you take inspiration from?
LINDA RING: I’m an educated photographer, but I have been working with visual communication all my life. Mostly like a creative or in a stylist position.
For many years I have been working at Bukowskis auction house. So, art has always been a big part of my life, and I can’t live without it! I grew up in the archipelago outside of Stockholm. Art and nature are my biggest inspirations.

IRMA: What means a loaf of bread for you personally, so that you transformed it into a canvas?
LINDA RING: Bread is such a basic food and means survival for many people in the world, the essence of everyday life. Bread has since thousands of years been a part of people’s life. The sad thing is, when the rise of industrialism came, it destroyed this process. They wanted to streamline and add yeast and it led to remove all the nutrition in the flour. Now many people are gluten intolerant because of that. We have to go back and respect the whole process from how we grow wheat and take care of the grain and let the baking process take time. Time and respect are key here! It is difficult today to find good bread.  When I was in Munich the last time, I found a favourite baker, Julius Brantner. Wish he lived in Stockholm so I could buy his bread here!

Linda Ring’s interior and “illustrated bread”

IRMA: Where can one buy your bread?
LINDA RING: I’m not a baker, so producing many breads at the same time is not what I do.
I started to do this because I wanted to give my family and friends a healthy and beautiful daily bread. It’s like a small gift to everyone around me. I do however work with stylists and collaboration project.

Linda Ring, “illustrated bread”

IRMA: How do you get the artwork onto the bread?
LINDA RING: I use a super thin bread lame and just follow my mind or in some cases I draw a sketch on a paper before I start.

IRMA: Do you also experiment with flavours?
LINDA RING: I usually only use flour from a small mill, Warbro Kvarn. They have many different varieties and I follow my mood and try different every time.

IRMA: Looking through your images on Instagram I want to move into your house, smell the flowers on your table and eat your bread . What do you like to do most?
LINDA RING: I love spending time to create and loose myself, so the time and space disappear. Love taking pictures go to flee markets and of course spending time with family and friends.

Linda Ring

IRMA: Your favourite place in Stockholm, and why.
LINDA RING: I love Stockholm mostly because it is a quite small town and has a lot of water. There are a lot of nature around Stockholm and I really enjoy going out to the archipelago. But if I’m in the city my favourite place is the National Museum. It’s an amazing place that inspires me every time.

Nowadays I’m not as big a fan of shopping as I was before, but if I’m just allowed to choose one store, it would be Svenskt Tenn. I rather go to small bakeries and take a ”fika” with someone I love or inspires me. After that the best way to end it is with a long walk along the water…

“illustrated bread”, Linda Ring
“illustrated bread”