Four steps to a super healthy body without going on a diet or the gym by Hollie Grant

When staying at the Mandarin Oriental you can start your day with a healthy recipe created by Hollie. We loved corn , gluten free pancakes with avocado and fresh greens

By Hollie Grant

If you want to push your body to optimum health & performance and your mind to inner peace we recommend a workout with Hollie Grant, trainer to the Hemsley Sisters and Deliciously Ella in London. The former chef came up with a method for an overall well-being. In London you can train at her studio, but also at home online for a one-week training session, it’s free. Follow her Tipps below and you will want to train more



HOLLIE GRANT: The Model Method is combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT), reformer Pilates, weight training and plyometrics.
The Model Method promotes a ‘strong-not-skinny’ basis and for guiding women to healthier, stronger, happier lives. It is not focused on weight loss. Instead we focus on performance and health. The Model Method is highly personalized, based around your bodies strengths and weaknesses.
HIIT has been shown to be highly effective at lowering levels of body fat and reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
Pilates and weight training help to strengthen and lengthen the body creating the strongest of bodies.
The Model Method will help you become the healthiest version of you whilst building your confidence and educating you on your body.


Hollie in her Studio PILATES PT


HOLLIE GRANT: As a former chef, I am strongly against diets and feel that we should eat to nourish our bodies, not starve them. Many of the studies show that diets actually lead to weight-gain within 12 months and repeat dieters can develop a disordered pattern of eating.
The Model Method book was based on around this research and instead focusses on what we can add to our diet rather than remove. It is full of delicious and balanced recipes with easy-to-source ingredients to encourage readers to eat from all the food groups (unless medically advised not to).
I also believe in the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for stress relief. To me, being healthy includes focusing on building better mental health, and also getting plenty of sleep- a point that is often overlooked in our increasingly busy lives!
Above all I believe the perfect balance is a little movement every day, food that nourishes the body and an emphasis on mental health.


  1. TRAIN ONLINE: If you prefer to follow along at home a routine like this then The Model Method Online can help you as it is a representation of what we do in studio, but at home – you can sign up for a free 7-day trial on my website All workouts can be done from home and the only equipment needed is a resistance band (which is included in your starter pack).
  2. However, if you feel that isn’t for you, there are plenty of strengthening work outs you can do without joining a gym- from the free gym machines that are popping up in parks around the country, to plyometric exercises at home you can do while running around after your kids- such as practicing squats while you brush your teeth.
    Whilst out on a run try alternating between jogging for 60s and sprinting for 30s. When you need a rest make the most of that time by performing some push-ups or abdominal crunches, then get back to running again.
    We spend so much of our days sitting, such as at a desk at work or driving that I recommend doing any movement you can fit in to your day- be it walking part of your commute by getting off a stop early, catching up with friends over a yoga class instead of a coffee, walking the dog, or something more strenuous such as running. Anything you enjoy and keeps you active!



HOLLIE GRANT: I firmly believe that Pilates and resistance training will help you gain and maintain strength and flexibility whatever your age. Studies show resistance training can reduce your risk of osteoporosis and also help prevent balance issues occurring.
However, the most important factor in choosing which exercise is right for you is what enjoy doing and fits in around your existing commitments.
Exercise should be about celebrating what your body can do, and not punishing it for whatever you’ve eaten.
I believe the biggest thing that you can do to look younger is smile, so do whatever exercise that makes you happy!

You can order her book


IRMA and our Editor at large Zoe Warncke from New York stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hide Park in London to get a private MODEL METHOD session by trainer Hollie Grant