A dinner as luxurious, sensuous and healthy as it gets

A chat with the chef of London’s most talked about Indian restaurant, INDIAN ACCENT

Indian Accent, London

Which cocktails match perfectly an Indian meal and where in London does Chef Manish Mehrotra, of London`s hottest Indian restaurant INDIAN ACCENT dines out?
We had a chat and where delighted about the lightness and flavour of the dishes and the cool atmosphere of a place that makes you want to travel to India instantly, which you could as you would find INDIAN ACCENT as well in New Delhi and transatlantic in New York.

Just to mention curry sauce as an aperitive, and his blue cheese Nan for appetizer followed by my favourite dish, Kashmirimorels, dusted with walnut powder which are served on a parmesan papad… and so much more innovation to come.

Indian Accent, London


IRMA: The explanation of the menu by the waitress sounds like a fairy tale from New Delhi straight to London. How do you get inspired to combine both cultures so very modern and elegantly?
MANISH MEHROTRA: The contemporary Indian menu at Indian Accent in London is an amalgamation of adventurous techniques with traditional flavour profiles. Seasonal, local produce and locally-sourced ingredients are complimented by authentic Indian spices and diverse ingredients from across the world – all of which are treated with modern techniques. All of Indian Accent’s dishes are carefully composed plates.


The cocktails that match hot Indian food

Ghee roast lamb, roomali roti pancakes at Indian Accent, London

IRMA: The Bar has a great selection of Cocktails, which one is the best to combine with an Indian menu?
MANISH MEHROTRA: I would suggest Proper Copper (Kaffir Lime Leaf Infused Vodka • Honey • Rose Blossom Water) it is one of the drinks which goes perfectly with the menu. Serve a cocktail in a proper Copper glas which adds to a healthy digestion when consuming Indian food. The Cocktail can be also done without vodka, in this case infuse the Kaffir Lime leaf in either coconut milk of fresh squeezed lemon juice

IRMA: The design and colours of the restaurant make a perfect match to the menu. Who came up with the concept and how important is the restaurant design to the food you serve?
MANISH MEHROTRA: Our Director Rashmi Khattar worked very closely with Design LSM, https://www.instagram.com/designlsm_uk/. They were briefed to create a luxurious, refined dining experience as a backdrop for Indian Accent’s innovative Indian cuisine, referencing the colour and materials of traditional Indian architecture.

We believe it is an overall package in a restaurant which works as a whole. Thus, we ensure special attention is given on not just food but on each and every aspect of the restaurant in terms of décor, ambience and other details.

Indian Accent, London. Restaurateur Rohit Khattar with Corporate Chef Manish Mehrotra


Where else to dine like an Indian princess

IRMA: Which other Indian restaurants can you recommend when in London?
MANISH MEHROTRA: My picks would be Kricket, Hoppers, Gun Powder and Darjeeling Express,

IRMA: How come you still feel light as a feather after a four-meal menu?
MANISH MEHROTRA: Honestly, we try our best to prepare dishes as healthy as possible, but our menu has rich ingredients. However, when we plan our chef tasting menu we try and balance out dishes as much as possible.

Masala Wild Mushroom, Water Chestnut, Paper Roast Dosai


Indian Accent 16 Albemarle Street, London W1, 207-629-9802. Open Mon-Sat, noon-2pm, 5.30-10pm. Lunch £25/£30 for two/three courses, dinner £55/£65 for three/four courses, all plus drinks and service.

Start your evening with the very special Proper Copper made with Kaffir Lime Leaf Infused Vodka • Honey • Rose Blossom Water