Flowers in new surroundings

Rolls-Royce Phantom Gallery with white roses made from Nymphenburg porcelain

Flowers are nice to look at, in beautiful vases or in a lush garden. Being around flowers is not only a pleasure for your eyes and senses, it also calms the mind and stimulates creativity. These are only a few reasons why lately designers and artists have been coming up with all kinds of different spots to place flowers.

The making of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Gallery


Why shouldn’t you be surrounded by art and flowers in your car while driving? The Nymphenburg Porzellan Manufaktur and Rolls Royce have teamed up for a beautiful collaboration. THE GALLERY is a unique glass vitrine which is installed on your car’s dashboard. In this case by ceramic artist and modelleur Anton Hörl, who needed 18 month of handcrafted manufacture to create an exclusive prototype made out of porcelain roses in black on white.

Anne Ten Donkelaar, Underwater Ballet

ART by Anne Ten Donkelaar

Art and flowers have been a longtime perfect mix. Last week at London Design Fair, I came across the artwork of Netherland-based artist Ann Ten Donkelaar who collects damaged butterflies, broken twigs, bumblebees or strangely grown weeds. She find all these unique discoveries and takes them back to her studio, where she takes time to explore the objects and tries to work out how she can show each one to its best advantage. She says: “My finds inspire me. While looking at them I can invent my own stories about their existence and their lives.”

Her latest photographs, entitled UNDERWATER BALLET, develop the idea further. Delicate stems float gracefully in a water suspension and create a piece of art.

At The Cold Press through 4 November 2017,

Floral Banners from The Green


No one likes banner ads. They tend to be uglyand somehow never show products you actually need. More and more users are looking for an ad blocking service and more than 615 million devices use ad blockers. However, some websites will show unsightly empty blocks of space.

So why not take it one step further: instead of just removing banner ads, replace them with something beautiful? Today, online flower magazine The Green Gallery launched a product that does just that: their free Green Screen Ad Blocker removes your banner ads and replaces them with arty pictures of flowers. The idea was based on science: even just looking at pictures of flowers can reduce stress and induce calm, according to research.