Flowers are always perfect against Monday morning blues


Flowers simply make us happy and when we receive a beautiful bouquet we automatically dip our nose into the blossoms to absorb their scent and magic.

We like to have flowers everywhere we go, especially in winter and when you travel a lot. This might be difficult unless you go to places where flowers are present. Designers use flowers for their latest autumn/winter and resort collections and even used them as decoration frozen in ice cubes on the runway like Dries van Noten who is known for his floral feel in almost every collection. This season it seems that flowers are everywhere and we wanted to do some editing for you so IRMA selected her favorite flower Instagram accounts which keep you happy all day long.

Just looking at these accounts gives you great ideas not only in terms of flower decoration but also colour, light and what the best florists of the word are up to as flowers are becoming an object of art (, @azumamakoto). Of course the fashion industry takes it to another level, and isn’t it fun to see flowers mixed with your favorite fashion?

Visit these sites and Instagram accounts for an instant mood lifter:, @fjura, @azumamakoto