Flower arrangement by BUUNCH in New York are more than pure decoration

Flower shops and stylist keep popping up but only a few have the business idea and visual taste to create a perfect place that spreads pure happiness and still comes up with new ideas. We had a chat with the founder of Buunch in NYC who is a branch of the well-known studio, L’Atelier Rouge known for their spectacular events and floral design in the city.

IRMA: How can I give my flower bouquet the best possible care?
CAROLNE BAILLY: It really depends some flowers are less delicate than others but on a regular basis my recommendations would be ensuring that your flowers are not closed to a vent (heat / cold) could damage the flowers. And always ensure that you refill the vases as needed.

IRMA: What are your plans in the future to add to your flower arrangements?
CAROLNE BAILLY: We are looking into collaborating with either ceramic / glass artists to create a custom Buunch vase line
A new addition that is coming up soon is a subscription package that would give you the flexibility to order flowers either for your self or as a gift.
We are potentially working on a table top line that would be ideal for you to set up your holiday tables more so like a design kit that includes (runner / napkins / candles / flowers / place mats )

IRMA: Why are flowers so important to give a house the final interior touch?
CAROLNE BAILLY: Because everything is in the details ! They can either bring life / pop of color / fragrance that will add personality to your interior.

IRMA: My grandma always brought roses home from her garden, and the house smelled beautifully intoxicated. Why don’t I experience that anymore when I buy flowers these days?
CAROLNE BAILLY: Many reasons.
1- I would that say that sadly most of the roses / flowers are not grown organically and not of premium quality and that does affect the fragrance
2- More and more have allergies …. and it is very common for our clients to request flowers that are less fragrant / less pollens or non-fragrant at all.
3- On a high note we still have access to garden roses / peonies / gardenias / lavender / grenanium leaves / herbs sweet peas and so forth and are able to offer either fragrant or non fragrant arrangements based on our client’s expectations.

IRMA: What colour coded bouquet is your best seller?
CAROLNE BAILLY: At the moment our best seller are:
Blue / Orange and Rainbow.


IRMA: Why are we so attracted to flowers?
CAROLNE BAILLY: I guess because they are by essence the symbol of luxury, we do not need them, but we love to be surrounded by flowers, they are somehow part of any life celebrations, whether it is a first date …. gift … appreciation, put a smile of your face and in a world where technology keeps on being more and more important we need I think a bit of nature to make things feel less stark.


IRMA: I would love to buy flowers by scent (instead of color) is that an option?
CAROLNE BAILLY: Yes, we do have this option on our website we do offer either fragrant or non-fragrant arrangements at the moment we have lavender / geranium / piaget roses …


IRMA: What do people not know about being a florist?
CAROLNE BAILLY: ahah ! great question.
I guess that in most people minds when it comes to our profession that we are either fabulous and glamorous or just hippies that live in lalaland.
But being a true florist is not that easy, there are so many varieties of flowers and greens to begin with, and we are still discovering them. Some of the blooms that we love together sometimes cannot be mixed in the same arrangement because they could poison one another. We have to wake up very early in the morning to hunt and source the most fabulous blooms to offer to our clients and start our daily routine. Once flowers arrive at our design studio we have to clean them / condition them / hydrate them and finally we can start creating and designing.
Here at the studio we do put a lot of heart and soul into what we do because we just LOVE so much what we do.
At the end of the day it is all about putting a smile on our clients face and spreading happiness.

All images courtesy of Buunch flower Shop New York, L’Atelier Rouge