Valentine Day’s new flower concepts are far from being the usual thing

Of course you think flowers for Valentine’s Day. This year we wanted to get a different perspective and are happy to chat with Juliane Spaete, the former documentary and fashion photographer. She first felt a passion for flowers when she lived in London and strolled around farmers’ markets on Sunday, a common thing to do when living in town and doing weekend groceries. She never dreamt of developing a business around flowers and design but found a chance in Munich’s latest concept store SOIS BLESSED, where she now manages, curates and creatively develops the design department and flower shop.

Here she shares her idea on Valentine flowers.

Red is not a must – Modern flower lovers will much more appreciate an unusual bouquet than the ubiquitous red rose with a palm leaf wrapped around.

Be bold – There are some incredibly interesting nuances in the red spectrum you wouldn’t pick at first sight, but they will probably look amazing in combination. My recent passion is a deep rusty orange like in the Chrysanthemums I used in your Valentine bouquet mixed with an alt-pink or a soft apricot, as you will find it in various tulip types in the spring season.

Wilderness at heart  I love free-spirited bouquets. Yet winter in Germany doesn’t leave much of a choice on the flower market, so I try to create fantasy meadows by subtly adding exotic flowers into my bouquet like a red Bromelia, orange Protea or pink Eucalyptus. To keep it light and interesting at the same time, I have added some white Anemones and snapdragons.

Playful bliss – If you still won’t compromise for red roses, how about playing with their old school reputation by adding some interesting shapes like Camellia twigs? They are classy,  they come in all sizes and the red blossoms will perfectly sink in with their leaves without causing any rivalry.

Let shape rule – If you are unsure what to choose when over-flooded with choice, my best advice is not to overthink a bouquet. Sometimes one kind of flower will do the job. A beautiful Magnolia stem can look magical in combination with the right vase. Orchids come in all color patterns and look like a little universe in itself. Or simply choose one colour of tulips, but cut them in different lengths. Take some time to look at the way they are naturally falling and work around that. Making flower bouquets is about feeling, not forcing…