Every season the same procedure: Sale shopping

This is no news, by now we know what to buy what to keep and what to store. Every end of season we think of treating ourselves in the sales, but do we always make right decisions. Here are some ideas.

  1. Look for fashion Musts that never change and keep on coming back, maybe in just different materials, texture and colour. Like the chain bag by Chanel or the Tribute 105 Sandal by Saint Laurent, these models haven`t changed since many seasons and they still look fabulous.
  2. Buy things only in your favourite colour, like this you will like the peace throughout many seasons. I love pure red and get a piece in that colour every season from my favourite designers.
  3. Stock on basics, stilettos, white blouses, camel coats, minibags, are classics.
  4. By pieces from your favourite designer make sure to spot the best piece from the entire collection and buy it in sale. Remember some things will get better the older they get.
  5. Buying sales as an investment is a great way to make some extra money. Even if you don’t like a most wanted, buy it and resell it on Vestaire Collective. Gucci Slip-ons are always a good idea
  6. Get all that what simply makes you look good. One thing about having done many seasons is that you should know by now what suits you and what doesn’t . Figure out your best proportions, textures, colours and style and you will always look your best.
  7. Buy accessory as X-mas presents already in the summer sales and have them wrapped nicely, so you are all set for the holiday season
See by Chloe
Polo Ralph Lauren
Polo Ralph Lauren
Dita eye wear
Jasmin wears a suede skirt and fine linen and lace blouse by POLO Ralph Lauren, bag by POLO Ralph Lauren , vintage mules Prada, sunglasses Ralph Lauren Summer 2018 Collection