Ions, the more effective way of making a cellulite mask work

All that hassle for your tights? Yes, because it gives you time to sit down and relax.
Did you know that the energy balance of your cells has to be in good shape for your skin and tights to look smooth and toned?
Weak contouring is a sign of mineral deficiencies so the best thing to do is to refill theses depots with a rich in mineral composed body care.

Besides drinking lots of water and less alcohol and coffee which can irritate this mineral balance, a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is the right method to start with.
I tried a product which is not always easy and quick to use, as it is a thick mask but truly effective because it triggers exactly these points where cellulite finds its source.

The body mask, Swiss IONIN®Grün von MiaPharm was developed by a swiss medical doctor to treat skin diseases and victims with burned skin and it’s extremely rich in ions like calcium, calium, magnesium and natrium in combination with natural ingredients like pektin, betain und oak bark extract which makes a perfect mask from the first time you use it.

Ions are special salts that have the ability to get in easier and deeper into the skin cells and are there for more effective.
Using a product with ions creates a higher pressure onto your skin cells and therefor the water balance of your skin has a better circulation, aka transports the fat from the cells outside.
The bioenergetic balance is reinforced especially by the reset of calium & natrium therefor the cells get more oxygen again and start working better by themselves again.
A visible effect after only two weeks, perfect just in time for your holidays.

Use IONIN Grün by MiaPharm also on your inner tights, upper arms, décolleté and stomach for the same treatment.
The products require time, which means as it is a mask you should use it oncea day and leave it on 30 -60 minutes before you take it off again with warm water and finish with an ice cold shower.
To make it even more effective you can cover up the parts with the mask with aluminium or plastic foil to create an even higher effectiveness. Use the mask overnight in order to save time and in the morning use it right after getting up while making breakfast and getting ready.

Always keep in mind that Swiss IONIN®Grün is not only a beauty product but a health enhancing remedy. This is why we think you should use the time to recharge your overall well-being.
You could either use the Swiss IONIN®Face mask simultaneously and/ or cover your eyes with cooling chamomile sachets, read a book or just rest.

If the unperfumed smell bothers you add three drops of rose oil into the amount of mask you are using before applying it onto your skin.

It is always tempting to do something productive in the privacy of your home like sitting in front of your laptop or detoxing your dressing room when using the mask. But why not simple use that hour for a health reset every other day.
We recommend the mask as a cure 10 day prior to your holidays.

Don’t forget to take the mask on your vacation. It is also useful against pigmentation and sunburns.

This post was made possible with the great support of St. Johanser GmbH