Edeweiss for a perfect tan by Weleda

Holidays are around the corner and being protected in the sun is a must. Weleda recently launched a full sun-care line and if you had been already a fan of their organic, naturally scented products like we are, we recommend to try out their latest Edelweiss sun-care line products.

…but before you pack your bags you’ll have the chance to participate in our summer ruffle to win a beach basket with the full range of Weleda sun-care products for you and your children, as well as an after-sun lotion.

Take part and receive your full range of the latest launched sun-care line by Weleda for you and your children with a beach basket for your summer holiday.

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Some tips for a day at the beach or just a lunch break in the sun

IRMA takes a break in the sun. 20 minutes a day at the beach in direct sunlight is perfect for your health and Vitamin D intake

Put on sunscreen before you get dressed, so you do not miss a spot. The Weleda Edelweiss Sonnenmilch gets into your skin easily and take a few minutes before putting on your bikini, like this you make sure that you will not miss a spot .

Use a sun-care that is caring to your skin as well as protective, Edelweiss sun milk contains organic sunflower oil which reacts with healthy skin care benefits to your skin while you sunbath.

If you’re going to be spreading SPF on your face, you might as well choose a formula that can help with your other issues as well.
Edelweiss Facial sun-cream, contains organic Jojoba and coconut oil which has anti-aging remedies and are effective while you get a tan.

“Taking a supplement such as a Pre Sun Pill like Helio Care capsules contain Beta Carotin and green tea extract which have a high amount of antioxidant will boost your protection, “ and takes care from inside.

Do not get trapped by the SPF letters on your facial powder or make up foundation which might let you skip the sunscreen in the morning. Make it a rule even when not on the beach to apply sunscreen before your make up. With the Edelweiss Facial sun-cream by Weleda you can skip your daily moisturizer as the cream has lots of caring, organic remedies.

Weleda is known for their natural ingredients, makes sense to get their sun-care products.

You might have that leftover bottle of sunscreen in your bathroom cabinet, but it’s important to start fresh each summer. “The active ingredients in sunscreens can lose their potency, so check the expiration date, and do not finish leftovers from last year.

Use your nursing sunscreen not only on your body and face. I recommend to use it on your nails and cuticles, massaging the cream into your nails so they do not get dry. The same works for your toes and heels.

Put some extra thick Edelweiss facial sun-cream around your eyes and tap it carefully under and around the delicate eye area with your fingertips.  It’s important to take this step even if you’re wearing UV-protective sunglasses because the reflection off the glasses can magnify UV exposure.

Before you go to the beach put the Edelweiss After sun Lotion into your fridge , it will be a treat to put it heavily on your face like a mask and massage into your body with a light pressure by your hands after a sunbath. Make sure to take an extra portion under your eyes like an eye mask. Organic Aloe, olive oil and Edelweiss are a full nutrition cocktail and the scent of Lavender and Eucalyptus calms your skin and mind.


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