Easy expert tips for clear skin


IRMA’s travelling season is about to begin with a first trip to New York City which made us ask Dr. Martin Kaegi, Kiehl’s consulting dermatologist, for his expert advice. Follow these tips and tricks to get the clear, radiant skin even when stepping off a long-distance flight.

IRMA: What is actually better for the skin, a gel cleaner or micellar cleansing water?
Dr. Martin Kaegi: Both products cleanse the skin effectively, and there’s no true difference if you use a gel cleanser or a micellar water from a performance point of view. However, while micellar water is mostly not available in travel sizes, gel cleansers make travelling a bit more comfortable as these products are mostly available in smaller sizes below 100 ml or even in travel sizes.

IRMA: When you have to travel for 48h, what is the most important product to take with you?
M.K.: Definitely a moisturizer. The benefit: It hydrates the skin better than a gel cleanser, assists in improving skin texture, and leaves the surface area soft and nurtured. The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer provides all day ultimate hydration, is formulated for all skin types and also available with SPF 30 to protect skin against sun damage which can cause premature aging.

IRMA: To take the dirt off from your skin, is it better to use a pad or cheese cloth?
M.K.: Due to the cotton fibers, a cheese cloth causes a stronger mechanical load for the skin and might lead to irritations. Because of the smooth surface, a pad is more gentle to the skin and can also be used for sensitive skin types to take dirt off from skin.

IRMA: What is better, a cream or oil based cleaner?
M.K.: I would recommend a cream based cleaner. Oil based cleaners sometimes tend to have comedogenic attributes. A cream based cleaner not only cleanses the skin thoroughly but also moisturizes the skin additionally.

IRMA: What is your tip to avoid black heads?
M.K.: The best way to avoid black heads is to apply a cleanser with a mechanical cleansing brush, such as Clarisonic. It cleanses deeply to remove the dirt, debris and oil that clogs pores and causes imperfections and dullness. Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming face Wash would be the ideal cleanser. It gently lifts away impurities, dirt, and oil without stripping skin and is safe for sensitive skin.

IRMA: On an airplane, when is the facial mask the most effective on my skin? Is there a trick?
M.K.: Air in planes is very dry and dries out skin. Would you apply a masque right after take-off, the effect of a hydrating facial masque would be virtually zero. Hence, the trick is to apply the facial mask shortly before landing and to avoid exposing the skin to dry air for too long.