Drinks for your beauty regime

Beauty supplements are the latest trend – coming to us from Asia. Recently you’ll find new products for skin, hair and body, all to give you a perfect treatment from the inside.
Why is this the latest beauty trend? Because the market is full of creams and lotions? Or because our skin needs different vitamins, minerals and enzymes to work perfectly.

If you are looking for a more intensive treatment which works from the inside against. stress, smog and not enough sleep you need an extra boost, and that comes in ampoules, powders and concentrated liquids. For that we need a potent helper, that brings all back to balance and fuels the skin depots. Have a look on our favourite beauty supplements and beauty cocktails you can mix for your inner and outer glow.


Potent skin helper: Beauty supplements with collagen


Collagen is one of the main components of our skin and if it is lacking it loses elasticity. When taken internally, collagen improves the structure of the skin and strengthens it again. In addition to specific bioactive collagen peptides, the Cellufine Collagen Drink  also contains other important ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, biotin (which is considered the skin vitamin) as well as folic acid and zinc.

Cellufine Collagen Drink 


Beauty supplements are enhancing the inner and outer glow


A double active complex is the secret of the LR 5in1 Beauty Elixir . It works on the one hand with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen peptides to combat signs of aging and on the other hand it protects the skin with aloe vera and green tea extract against premature skin aging and harmful external influences.

LR 5in1 Beauty Elixir


The highly potent concentrate of this organic Gelee Royale by Matricell is not only a highly potent antioxidant for your skin and organs it also is protective with natural honey and honey wine, 17 amino acids, minerals, Zinc, Vitamin A, B, C, E and enzymes take care for the beauty of your skin. Taken in a daily dose this infusion gives you a warm glow from.

Gelee Royale by Matricell



From left to right. We love to drink the latest beauty supplements in beautiful handmade glasses by Michael Ruh, found at https://www.britta-peters.com/glas/ the LR 5in1 Beauty Elixir, Top glass: Matricell Gelee Royal, below a glass of St. Leonhard still water with a slice of Lime and the Cellufine Collagen Drink, which we infused with some fresh lemon juice.