A champagne dinner with Ruinart for my friends

There are many things you can do to host a dinner party with atmosphere so that your guests will remember a wonderful evening. It helps when you have a partner like Ruinart by your side which is not only one of the best Champagne producers but also a patron for the Arts.

Prep Time is half of the game. Table cloth Braquenie by Pierre Frey, Jasmin’s dress by Horror Vacui, menu & name cards by Irmasstudio.


This year Ruinart’s artist collaboration with the Brazilian artist Vik Muniz was celebrated under the theme of “shared roots” and for the first time the French champagne house commissioned a chef along the artist, Yannic Stockhausen.

The table is set in my library and dressed with Braquenie by Pierre Frey.


It is a perfect match as Vik Muniz was inspired by the roots of the vine for his video and photographic works ( read more on irmasworld ) and Stockhausen is a master when it comes to cooking with the base, organic roots, local produce.

Flowers by Silke von Otto @blumendieleben and my team of the night with Yannic Stockhausen and his sous Chef, Cynthia Mensah-Neglokpe and the lovely helping hands from la Maison Ruinart.

In Paris, when the artist of the year was announced this March, it was the French chef David Toutain and in Germany Yannic Stockhausen from “Cordo Berlin” who teamed up to cook for friends of the Maison Ruinart during Gallery Weekend in Berlin ( more on irmasworld ) and this week at my home in Munich. He created a delicious and sensational menu paired with Champagne treasures like the classic R de Ruinart, Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Magnum 2007, Dom Ruinart Rosé 2004 and Ruinart Rosé Magnum.

Voilà, Cynthia de Ruinart.
Dinner starts

A champagne dinner celebrated with friends in an atmosphere to enjoy the best of autumn.

Yannic Stockhausen doing his very best in my small kitchen and Kingfish, radish, horseradish.


The table set in autumn colours and only candlelight.


Having a peek and hopefully learning a few things about fine cooking.


Wagyu and Dom Ruinart Rosé 2004, trop bon!


Desert, point finale! We love ice cream made of parsley root and plum with a sip of Ruinart Rosé Magnum.


Final touch

Thank you all for your great support and inspiration!


MENUE by Yannic Stockhausen

FLOWERS by Silke von Otto @blumendieleben

TABLEWEAR by Britta Peters

TABLE CLOTHS by Pierre Frey

And of course, thank you to our wonderful friends. You made this an unforgettable evening!