Dinner plans

Our dinner table will never look the same, after getting inspired by these new movers and shakers who influence the way we consume and present food at our next dinner party. Setting tables is becoming a new art form and we edited our favourite contributors


The only problem with the food stylists and producers is that their creations look that good, that they are hardly eaten. Read our interview at irmasworld.com



Kathrin Koschitzki, a food photographer and pastry chef can bring your dinner party on stage. We love to follow her for continuous inspiration, like this lemon butter which tastes deliciously to freshly baked bread .



This tablecloth by artist @sarahespeute had been created for a presentation of the French company @christofle. It will place everything on the right place and just let you imagine the rest.



The jewellery designer ANISSA KERMICHE is known for turning her hands on designing objects like the famous LOVE HANDLE VASE , then she added more on the table, like THE TIT FOR TAT CANDLE HOLDERS, EAR BOWLS and MUCH MORE TO COME.



Bespoke and hand embroidered pieces make a table unique . This fine craft is a perfect addition to the table and can turn into the talk of the evening



After years of traveling, dining at restaurants around the world, chasing Michelin stars, studying wine (WSET), taking cooking lessons, Celine Rousseau learned to enjoy and appreciate simple and delicate flavours of food and wine, the art and science of cooking with local and seasonal ingredients. She currently lives in a Geneva and shares her visual good creations on Instagram.



Founded by sisters Laila & Nadia Gohar in 2020, Gohar World is a tableware universe that embraces craft, time, tradition, and humour. Created in family-owned ateliers to bring people together around the table, our surrealist tabletop objects tell a story of time. Browse their online store for more.



Eat well and put only the best in the table, another kind of food store, have a look.


Follow this design studio and be inspired by the French l’art de vivre, dine & wine in Provence and how to make old things look epic.