Chenot Palace in Weggis: Detox – Energize – Perform

Just a few weeks ago Chenot Palace in Weggis opened its door. It is the latest flagship Retreat and now headquarter of the Chenot Group. Its founder Henri Chenot developed the famous Chenot Method®. It combines the principles of traditional Chinese medicine with the most modern scientific knowledge in Western medicine. The Chenot Method® activates the body’s self-healing powers. Programs individually tailored to the guest should regenerate the body and mind through detoxing and energetic treatments.

7 points to reset your body:

  1. Designed by Swiss Architect Davide Macullo, who renovated the former Park Hotel Weggis where he combined local materials with modern and traditional architecture to achieve a very harmonizing atmosphere. The architecture is embodying a connection to nature where colors, shapes, space and light transcend openness and neutrality in a very naturally way, throughout the guest and treatment – rooms.
    The setting is out of a fairy tale. The minute you open your balcony you inhale all the energy Vierwaldstättersee has to offer and the beautiful countryside around the lake pleases the eye and calms the mind.
  2. Dr. George Gaitanos, Scientific Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Chenot Group developed especially for The Chenot Palace in Weggis for the first time rooms with a sleeping technology, where acoustics, light and bed linen technologies have been scientifically combined with the interior to create a natural sleeping environment that provides a truly restful sleep.
    The combination of Western and Eastern medicine practices is ideal to create specialized detox, preventive and regenerative treatments which are consistent throughout your stay.
  3. The new medical spa, combines state of the art treatments and technology in the field of Lymphatism, Hydrotherapy, Ozone therapy and Diagnostics, to name a few with a team of high potential doctors and nurses, most of them also specializing also, for example in Chinese medicine.
  4. The cuisine is of course dietary without any salt but prepared in the best way to receive the optimum vitamins and minerals from the composition of organic food. Overseen by Madame Chenot the team constantly works on the diversity and technology of cooking delicious food with a very high value of nutrition.
  5. The outdoors invites you to go for long walks, maybe even go hiking up or just down the famous Rigi mountain. Once you have done it or had a swim in the lake you understand why this microclimate area is known for good energy and health.
  6. The environment, the inspiration of the menu, the conversations to your doctors and therapists also achieve a mind changing effect, which will boost your energy and you will look at your life from now on.
  7. Especially now we feel that this concept of vacationing will be exactly what we are looking for especially when it sits in such beautiful nature overlooking Lake Luzern, Mount Rigi and Mount Pilatus.

We took the Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge for the 4-hour drive from Munich to Vierwaldstättersee and this was already a great opportunity to travel relaxed and with the top down.

This reportage was made possible with the support of Chenot Palace, Weggis. Thanks also to the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. for providing us with the vehicle.