Road-Tripping VII: The Black Forest, region of wine and dine specialists

The last few weeks we took the opportunity to make different road trip to one of the most beautiful regions in Germany – one of them, the Black Forest.

In the first part of our short trip, we explored the Badische Weinstrasse with the Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge to the golden wine village of Durbach.


This village is the top award-winning wine-growing community in Baden. Our base was the well-known Hotel Ritter, which its energetic new owner and self-confessed petrol head Dominic Müller transformed into a mecca for vintage car lovers. His own collection of old Porsche, Mercedes and Austin Healey is available to his guests for road trips with or without picnic baskets to enjoy in the hills; and I can only advise you to do so.

Drive along the scenic Badische Weinstrasse to visit the wineries.
The quality of the wine is amazing. Ask the reception, to book a winery tour to the surrounding vineyards to learn everything about German wines and wine making.


The vineyards in the hills of Durbach.

We visited these four Wineries:

You can always buy the wine at the location and they will ship it to you. So, don’t drink and drive! Just taste!

Wine tasting with Heinrich Männle , knowns as “Rotwein– Männle” at his winery, one of Germanys top 100.


It is not all about driving and hiking through the vineyards. Enjoy the landscape and hikes through this beautiful countryside.

You have a stunning view from the old Schloss Staufenberg, where they serve traditional Flammkuchen, a specialty from the German- French region (Strasbourg is just half an hour away) and their house wine.

The view from Schloss Staufenberg. The traditional Flammkuchen.

Which brings us to the other highlight, the food.
As you may know, the cuisine of Baden is well-known for its tasty food. (Try the famous Black Forest gateau “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte” and the Black Forest ham). But at the [maki:´dan] at Hotel Ritter, the award-winning fine dining restaurant of the Hotel you will find a modern twist of traditional, regional produce next to Asian spices and food combinations. Traditional German cuisine with an Asian twist is a highlight after a day of wine tasting and German specialities.

I can only advise you to make the best of this time and travel through Germany. Take a car for your comfort and explore the beauty and richness in nature Germany has to offer.

This Road-Trip was supported by Hotel Ritter in Durbach. And we would like to thank Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. for providing us with the vehicle.