Change of season: 10 tips for your dressing room

The change of season is a perfect time to think about editing your wardrobe. Get more room, store clothes in a good way and think about what you want to get rid off and how to sell it. IRMA has some ideas.

1. Think about your style for the coming season: HOW DO I WANT TO LOOK? What is essential and does the way you dress make your life easy or actually more difficult? Find answers to these questions and get a well organized wardrobe that actually no longer says: I have nothing to wear!

2. When you have a pile of clothes, bags and shoes, start editing. In which pieces did you really invest money and time, and would you like to get rid of them because you carry them from one season to another or is that item for storage?

3. Sometimes it helps if you make a selection by brands. For example, hang all your Prada or ZARA clothes on one rack and see which item was carried on from one collection to the other or was designed in a different way for the next season. Some pieces, especially bags and shoes, will stay the same, even in colour and material. These ones can be sold for current prices online at Vestiaire or you should keep them if you really like them.

4. Storage is a question of space and let’s be honest: one never has enough. This means you have to get creative. For example, put two pairs of flats in one shoe box, fill the shoes with silk paper so they do not loose shape. Use double hangers for thin items like silk blouses and skirts. Make sure to have special coverage for coats, furs and fragile evening wear, especially when storing them in a shelter.

5. Always keep the original boxes of shoes and bags and all the tags from the pieces you buy, even if they had been cheap or on sale. The tags are always useful when reselling an item, it makes them more valuable.

6. Sell & buy. Maybe you are lucky and have a good vintage or second-hand store around the corner or your best friend just loves the way you dress and buys everything off you. If not, use the less complicated way of Vestiaire or The Luxury Closet, to name just two, for reselling. If you have a bunch of friends who like fashion and have more or less the same price and brand range, organize a cocktail party and trade your items amongst each other. It’s lots of fun and you might get a completely new wardrobe out of it.

7. I have one rule: I never get rid of a piece I once loved eternally (yes, even in fashion) or something that has been very expensive. Even if I do not wear it now, I am sure there will be a time when I will wear it and that it is super cool.

8. What is really missing? Ask yourself which clothes or accessory would make THE difference for your entire wardrobe to give it a hype. Mostly it can be an accessory or jacket/coat. Build the rest of your wardrobe around it and it will sparkle again.

9. Colours should be put together in your closet, it makes dressing easier and more inspiring. Arrange all reds, blues (jeans), greens, etc together and you almost have a cool monotone look.

10. Create LAST MINUTE HANGERS for different occasions: a business look, a casual going-out look or a weekend look, whatever you are in need for, so when you run out of time, dressing is quickly done. Also think about matching shoes and hang them in a shoe bag onto the hanger, or take pictures of different outfits and when you don’t know what to wear, look it up in your personal lookbook.