Cannes Lions. 5 most inspiring sessions not to miss

Every year the creative media & advertisement elite is gathering in Cannes to celebrate its best creatives and to explore new ways to capture the consumers attention. Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the global benchmark for effective creative marketing communications. Besides they say it’s always the best party week at la Côte.

But it is not only about the parties. It’s a festival of ideas and an amazing conference marathon with impressive speakers. If you cannot be there in person, buy the digital pass and follow the sessions live online.


This are the 5 sessions
we wouldn’t want to miss and reading through already gets us inspired


Future is Female: Women & the Direct to Consumer Economy
Consumers are disrupting traditional business models and investing their dollars and time in brands that have mastered connection, convenience and personalization. The biggest driver of this seismic transformation toward a direct-to-consumer economy? Women. With control of 85 percent of consumer spending in the United States alone, from entertainment to wellness to food and fashion, today’s shift to a direct-to-consumer economy centres on companies and content made by women, for women. Join Hulu CMO Kelly Campbell, Stitch Fix CMO, Deirdre Findlay and Kerry Washington, actor, director, producer, and activist for a candid conversation about what it takes to truly connect with female consumers in this on-demand world.


Less Stuff. More Joy: Life-Changing Japanese Creativity
The Japanese art of minimalism is unfolding on a mass scale, thanks to Marie Kondo, star of the hit Netflix series based on her best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”

Marie’s mystical mantra “Does it spark joy?” has inspired millions to confront their possessions and let go of anything that no longer serves them. People around the world are now obsessed with Marie – and her KonMari Method – for simplifying their lives and unlocking happiness.

How has Marie’s philosophy tapped into the eternal pursuit of joy to reverse today’s excess, spark social conversations and bring about behavioral change across cultures? She and her husband, Takumi Kawahara, will reveal the secrets of the KonMari phenomenon.


More Is More: The Future of Prestige Content in the Streaming Age
As technology continues to disrupt entertainment, multi-platform experiences have created the potential for vast audience growth and deeper engagement. Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Radhika Jones hosts a discussion with Bob Greenblatt, chairman of WarnerMedia Entertainment and Direct-to-Consumer, and actor and producer Laura Dern (Big Little Lies), on how to make the influential and prestigious content on a dramatically larger and more dynamic scale.


The Algebra of Happiness
In this session, outspoken NYU professor of Marketing, Scott Galloway, takes a hard-left turn from criticizing big tech and offers up lessons from the most popular class in his Brand Strategy course each year. The Algebra of Happiness is a series of equations that attempt to distil observations regarding failures and successes in business, relationships, parenting, and health. Taking life advice from an angry, depressed professor may not make sense but he’s your angry depressed professor and has done his homework. Melding research and data with personal experiences Professor Galloway provides observations on a life well lived.


The Future of Entertainment / Jeff Goldblum
Every minute of every day, some 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. It would take eight months to watch all the programming currently available on Netflix and around 230 years to listen to all the songs on Spotify. We are utterly overloaded with entertainment content—and yet we continue to crave more, like junkies seeking our next fix.

What is the future of entertainment? How can people navigate all that content to find the right mix for them? How can brands provide entertainment that offers value beyond mere distraction? And what will be the cost to society when virtually everything is judged by its ability to amuse and divert?


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