The latest SUN News & double functional products

Did you know, the 21stof June is the National Day of Sun Protection?
So let’s talk about our love-hate relationship with the sun and we want to take this as an opportunity to present you some of the best News, not only about sun protection but we found a new generation of clever products that work best for your skin!

The new generation of sunscreen:


– Works like an anti-aging cream

We all know that the UV rays are the number one enemy for our skin. Did you know: UV Ais for Aging, UV Bis for Bronzing (but unfortunately also for burning). So as much as we need the sun, it increases early ageing and in the worst-case skin cancer. So it’s a must to use sunscreen because all the dark spots and first wrinkles are caused by the sun. And fortunately, there are many clever products that protect our skin from early aging in two different ways. They protect it from UV rays and work as an anti-aging crème with active ingredients like antioxidants and helps the skin to regenerate after the sun.

Try the Sunright 50 Sunscreen from Nuskin which is water-resistant, non-greasy and contains Asacanthin a very powerful antioxidant, Aloe, bisabolol and phantenol.


– Offers mineral filters without whitening side-effect.


Mineral sunscreens are everybody’s darling – they are natural and completely harmless to the skin and therefore safe to use even on babies. In comparison to chemical sun filters, which penetrate the skin barrier, the mineral filters form a layer on top of the skin. Countless tiny particles reflect the UV rays, preventing sunburn and photoaging.

Mineral sunscreens used to have the reputation of leaving a white film on the skin due to filters used, zinc and titanium dioxide. Since, as already mentioned, these are not absorbed by the skin, they may, if the particles are not small enough, leave you looking like you have been turned in chalk. Luckily for health-conscious sun lovers, who do not want to look like ghosts on the beach, there is a new generation of invisible mineral sunscreens!

Try the “Cellular Protection Sunscreen” by The Organic Pharmacy. This cutting-edge organic bioactive beauty brand has managed to micronize zinc oxide and titanium dioxide without reaching the level of nanoparticles causing skin penetration. The result is optimally protected sun kissed skin. The Organic Pharmacy sun creams come with SPF 30 as well as SPF 50 and also contain nourishing shea butter, calendula, rose hip and aloe. They are vegan and coral-friendly.




– Is good for you and for your environment
A lot of brands try to make their sunscreens not only good for you but also for the ocean. Because when we go for a swim a lot of the sunscreen from our skin goes into the ocean. On a lake you can see the film on the surface of the water. And this sunscreen charged the water, the animals and the corals. So many products use no more water-based sunscreens and disclaim ingredients like Oxybenzon und Octinoxatand also use nonbiodegradable ingredients. On some islands like Palau it is now forbidden to use conventional sunscreens, and the Six Senses Resorts worldwide made a list of ocean protectable products, because they don’t allow any other sunscreens in their hotels from now on.


– Protects from all kinds of light
Some experts say that not only the sun is dangerous for the skin but also the blue light from our displays and also pollution and infrared radiation. But there are also scientists that say you don’t need that. But if you think you need an all-round carefree package try one of these products, cause if you remember the 70ies there where no one who thought about UV-screens and now we do all. Try the City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA ++++ from Murad .  It shields skin from: 96% of pollution, 89% of Blue Light from devices, 52% of Infrared Radiation.

Also apply once a week Murad`s Nutrient – charges Water Gel. This hydrating water gel contains peptides, vitamins and minerals which plump and strengthen the skin which increases retention up to five days.


– Can simply be used on top
Some of us want to use their favourite products all year long. So if you don’t want to use a special sun cream for your face, you can use a protection serum, which is like an extra layer on top. It is also perfect, if you just want to go outside after your day in the office. So you don’t have to apply the SPF in the morning, just put it on before your time in the sun. But did you know, that you have to use more than two tablespoons full of suncream to get the sun protection factor that is in your product? So for your face you should use a teaspoon full of sunscreen and don’t forget your ears, hairline and neck!

Try the UV Add On SPF 30 from Phyris. It is non-greasy and fast absorbing and you can use it before or after your normal day care.



– Helps the skin to protect itself

A healthy skin is able to protect itself from external influences. But when we age or the skin is damaged it could not fight against stress, smog or sunlight. So you need a good partner to help the skin to do all of its functions again. Try the Super Soin Solarie SPF30 from Sisley . It shields from UV damage and the effects of photo-aging such as wrinkles, dark spots and dehydration. It also contains a blend of advanced active ingredients like Vitamin E acetate which protects the skin from free radicals and Edelweiss Extract which strengthen the skin’s protective barrier against oxidative stress


– Is protection and make-up in one product

To be honest especially in summer or during holidays our beauty routine should be as easy as our lifestyle. So, it is perfect to use some of this two-in-one-products that helps us to save time and luggage. One of the best inventions is make-up with SPF. So, you don’t have to apply to many layers in the morning, you just use this tinted sunscreen and you are ready for the beach! Try the Mineral Sun Care Compact from Clarins. It shields with SPF 30 like a “normal” sun fluid and contains Senna, which helps protect skin cells from the harmful effects of the sun, Baobab which enhances the protection of cellular communication against UV rays and Plane tree which is protective against photo-aging. And it is tinted and has a washable applicator with it.