Beauty sleep’s little helpers

Tired of looking tired in the morning? Try to get enough sleep – between seven and nine hours is recommended – because your body and skin repairs itself during sleep. Muscles relax, melatonin hormone production increases, which is a skin-protecting antioxidant, and new skin cells are made, replacing the old cells. IRMA has also discovered a few little beauty helpers that will boost the effect of a good night’s sleep to make you wake up looking well rested and beautiful!

Le Lift Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask, CHANEL

Keen on experiencing haute beauté? This gel-balm is used two to three times a week. But if you have some big event coming up, why not do a daily routine. Silk proteins are part of the active agent which plumps and restructures the tissue for a soft and more radiant teint.


Black Pine 3D Night Cream, KORRES

If you prefer apothecary skincare, go for Greece’s No. 1 pharmacy brand. With its soft, creamy texture, the night cream is also a real anti-aging treat which improves the skins elasticity and therefore has a tightening and remodelling effect on facial contours.


Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer, CLINIQUE

It literally turns your skin around: chestnut extract and salicylic acid are responsible for a smooth overnight peeling while deeply moisturizing and supporting the skin’s own regeneration process.


Three Part Harmony Day/Night Eye Cream Duo, ORIGINS

It’s simply nice to have: two textures in one pot. The light and oil-free day version acts a bit like a brigthener with mother of pearl-likely particles, while the rich night cream captures moisture, regenerates the skin and reduces fine lines.





Extra Intensive Mask, SENSAI

This is a very luxurious extension of your hours of sleep – spoken for the energy your skin needs to recover. The active complex of avocado and brown algae boosts the cell regeneration to a high level while an oil-complex (jojoba, macadamia and olive) delivers a plump and dense skin structure.