The Anassa Resort & Spa prepares your perfectly for the winter season

JK from IRMASWORLD, wearing Hermes, at the Anassa

Get your mind, body and soul set for winter and visit the Anassa Resort in Cyprus for still warm rays of sun, long days and water temperatures that remind you of summer.

IRMA was there and found 7 good reasons to get ready for the winter season right here on this beautiful Mediterranean island:

1. The Anassa is the perfect combination of fine culinary pleasures, a Best of the World Spa (Condé Nast Traveller 2017), first-class villas and hotel, and protected nature that is rich in positive energy and where you can experience all kinds of outdoor activities still until December.

2. The water condition of the sea is ranked as one of the best worldwide and the quality is rich in all kinds of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins. This water from the Chrysochou coast is pumped into the spa for various treatments and the seawater is still warm with 24 degrees on sunny days in November where you will rejuvenate while spending a day at the beach.

3. Strengthen your immune system with the Thalasso Jet shower, where a massage with different strengths of water tensions and temperatures, seaweed wraps and rich mineral oils strengthen your entire immune system.

4. You will be taken by the beauty and strong power of the rocky landscape, the smell of the plants and flowers and the spiritual side of Cyprus. The myth of the bath of Aphrodite is still found in a little spring up in the mountains where you will find peaceful tracking paths, wild flowers and herbs and views onto the sea which make you reset your mind.

5. At the Anassa it is all about homemade artisan food. British chef David Goodridge, who lived and developed his skills in Asia after learning from renowned chef Raymond Blanc in Oxfordshire, brings an interesting twist to traditional Greek cuisine. All cheeses are homemade with milk from the island’s cows and goats and all nutriants like fish, meat, herbs, fruits and vegetables are grown on the island, not to forget the wonderful Cyprus wines. He adds the island harvested rosewater to the homemade Cypriot yoghurt and adds some fresh strawberries from the hotel’s garden, topped with fine freshly cut herbs. These kinds of mixes show perfectly David’s intention to give the traditional Mezé an natural twist. Whether it is lunch by the pool, or dinner at Helios, it will be a culinary and at the same time a healthy experience.

6. There is no need to do special detox cures, because everything you eat will have a great nutritional value and pleasure of taste. Everything you will see will be pleasing to the eye. Whether it is the nature of the protected reservoir, the décor of the hotel or the food on your plate, it is all about balance and beauty to give you positive thoughts and energy.

7. Beauty comes from the island – remember Aphrodite who did not tolerate any other goddess next to her being more beautiful. All beauty ingredients are taken from nature: honey for stressed out skin, yoghurt for oily skin, olive oil for dry and sensitive skin. Mixed with freshly harvested herbs, they make up a power pack for your entire body. Try for example the Cypriot scrub, which is made with sea salt, olive oil and fresh oregano.