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    LONDON: We met Dr. Robb, the founder of Clarisonic Pedi for a presentation of the latest home foot care system as we wanted to know if this handy gadget can really replace pedicures at the beauty salon.

    IRMA: Why do I need the Pedi Sonic for my feet?

    Dr. ROBB: Every day our feet have to deal with many strains. High heels, narrow shoes or those with thin soles cause pressure at the toes and ball of the foot. And as we get older, our feet get rougher and drier. With Clarisonic Pedi the dry, rough skin of the feet will get smooth, and the result of the pedicure gets extended. With Pedi it has been proven that the feet get ten times softer than with a manual application.

    Pedi has a completely new approach. Until now the callused skin was removed rigorously. The more callused skin was removed, the better, one thought. But in fact the body reacts with growing even more hard skin since the causes for forming callused skin (high heels, sandals etc.) have not been removed or altered.

    With Pedi, only as much callused skin as necessary is removed, and it makes sure that this is not done aggressively, but that the feet are smoothed gently and that the callused skin becomes tender and smooth in the long run.


    IRMA: How many times do you suggest to use the Clarisonic Pedi? And when exactly?

    Dr. ROBB: The Pedi set includes two different top pieces. The Pedi Peeling Brush is a combination of long, flexible and short, rigid bristles. It cleans the feet effectively, removing dead skin and working against exhausted feet. For additional cleansing we recommend the Pedi Buff, a smoothing foot peeling. The Peeling Brush can be used daily during showering. Afterwards, the feet should be treated with the Pedi Balm included in the set. Twice a week you can also use the Pedi Smoothing piece. This was created especially for smoothing rough, strained parts of the feet. Following this, the feet should be treated with the Pedi Boost, a skin-regenerating serum.


    IRMA: What kind of cream should I use with the Pedi Sonic brush?

    Dr.ROBB: The great thing about the Pedi Balm is that it leaves a matte finish and that the feet are not slippery after the treatment.


    IRMA: Is the product intended to be only used for my feet or can I also use it for my elbows or knees?

    DR. ROBB: The brush heads and the intensity of the appliance was specially created for the skin on the feet. Using it on other parts of your body is not recommended. If you are looking for something to treat your elbows and knees, our body brush PLUS is ideal.


    IRMA: A good trick or tip for IRMASWORLD?

    Dr. ROBB: You should regularly do foot exercises to strengthen the muscles and boost blood circulation.

    IRMA: Many thanks Dr. Robb

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