8 Beauty Travelling hacks by IRMA

Irma travels light this summer holiday, big earrings and a selection of favourite swimwear will do


Summer holidays are coming up and IRMA thought of 10 travel beauty hacks which save time and space when travelling this summer. You will be traveling light, and things are about to get really well organized in your carry-on.

1. No more dozens of miniature bottles
Bring your toner, eye makeup remover, or any other liquids with you on board, without taking up any space and liquids at all: Saturate cotton pads generously with your favorite beauty liquids for however many days you’ll need them. Put each category of soaked pads into their own plastic baggie bag (i.e. all toner pads go into one bag, all makeup remover pads into one bag, etc.), Voila!—you made your own face wipes.

2. Contact cases become your travelling storage
Use your contact cases for storing small amounts of face wash, masks, and lotions. Each side can store a week of most daily products, and usually a couple of masks in each half. Use a permanent marker or stickers to label the bottoms so you know what’s inside.

3. No more leaks in your bag
The key to making sure your products don’t leak? Letting the air out. Extra air trapped in bottles from products that have been opened previously can cause plastic containers to leak when air pressure changes due to elevation. Here’s what you should do to any products you’ve got in your carry-on: open the cap, release all the excess air, and quickly place the cap back on.

4. Stock up on plastic baggies
Zip-lock plastic bags are actually really great for travel. If you need just another layer of liquid protection, you can put each product in its own bag, that way if it does leak, at least you can be sure it won’t get all over your belongings. Or, take it a step further if you love organization while traveling. Use heavy duty freezer bags, label each bag as either “AM,” “PM,” or “shower.”

Always be protected and chic and you will need less beauty products to recover at night

5. There’s a mini for everything
Sephora has basically made a business out of just selling tiny versions of popular products at the checkout line, and while they may not be the most cost-efficient, they are certainly travel-efficient. And you can find a miniature swap for just about every product.
Get Mini samples of toothpaste from your dentist at your next time appointment, mostly they are free of charge and great when traveling.

6. Opt for multi-tasking products
And here’s a multi-tasking product you don’t even have to pack: Hair conditioner is a genius swap for shaving cream, and it will already be in your hotel shower. The same moisturizing ingredients that hydrate the hair on your head can also soften the hair on your body.

7. Leave bulky eyeshadow palettes at home
Don’t waste any space on eyeshadow palettes in your make up pouch. Coat cotton swabs in your favourite shadows, wrap each colour individually in plastic wrap, and then store them individually wrapped in cling foils in plastic baggies.

8. Make Up remover and more
Take a small bash of organic coconut oil with you. This multi-purpose can be used for almost everything. Use it as an eye Make Up remover, a thick hydration body and food cream, for the ends of your dry hair or as an after-sun lotion. It even works as a lip balm, an eye cream or an overnight mask.