Artist united. London Gallery Weekend

One more reason to travel soon again and hopefully enjoying some social moments in one of our favourite capital, London.
The London Gallery Weekend will be taking place from the 4th – 6th of June 2021 reuniting leading contemporary galleries taking part in the inaugural edition.

Wonder through London from East to West. There will be a daily focus on each geographical area, starting with Central London on Friday , followed by South London on Saturday and culminating on Sunday with galleries in the East End.

This gallery weekend will bring together a rich programme of exhibitions by leading contemporary artists, showcasing both established names and emerging talents, alongside a great program with talks, studio visits and performances throughout the city. The full list of participating galleries can be found here

A perfect cultural getaway for everyone who is in search of inspiration and hungry to feed their mind and eye. What we like most is that this program will simultaneously lead you through the city and you can take a break in any of the many parks in the area, enjoy for example a takeaway Club Sandwich in the Queen Mary Rose Garden in Regents Park or walk the boardwalk along the Thames.

Bastian Gallery
Bernhard Jacobson Gallery


Gagosian Gallery


Maddox Gallery


Alison Jacques Gallery


Jasmin Khezri