Blouses & Flowers

We started our collection, Irmasworld – the label with a blouse and by now we have a wide range of our favourite models with carefully selected materials from Bari in Italy or by la Maison Pierre Frey from Paris.

All blouses are made by a small manufacture in Germany and we reused fabrics for new cuts or vintage buttons to give every blouse a unique touch. We mostly use poplin cotton, sometimes silk or woven and hand printed materials.

For us blouses are like a flower or maybe even a bouquet of flowers. Therefor we mixed and matched everything together.

Fleurs sur bandes blouse by Irmasworld.


Sorrento. Trumpet sleeve blouse by Irmasworld.


St. Paul, double collar in orange and red by Irmasworld.


Lido. Trumpet sleeve blouse. Striped red/white by Irmasworld.


Cala. Bow blouse pale pink by Irmasworld. See more



Seville. Trumpet sleeve blouse double-faced pink / black by Irmasworld. See more


FLOWERS by Blumen die Leben
BLOUSES all by Irmasworld The Label
STYLING and PHOTOS by Jasmin Khezri