The New Beauty

A new book , “The New Beauty” by gestalten Verlag captures an essential moment of transformation in the business of beauty by exploring the industry from historical, scientific, and journalistic perspectives.

In recent years, the beauty industry has shifted the expression of beauty towards individuality like never before.
While people, especially women in particular, have historically faced pressure to conform to rigid ideals set by society, nowadays brands and consumers are embracing uniqueness and celebrating identity.
From using makeup as means to challenge gender, to the link between hairstyling and community-building, or rituals as a form of self-care, ”The New Beauty” is positioned to appeal to anyone with an interest in feeling well in their own skin and of course being inspired by the new.

IRMA selected her favourite Make-ups from the spring collections that express a style and allure like an accessory of fashion.

The model as a blank canvas or an inspirational being. Starting to create an image for Mugler.


THE NEW BEAUTY by Gestalten Verlag.


Shadowed eyes and naked skin for Saint Lauren Summer 2021.


An image of a modern Coco for Chanel.


How to create a contrast to romantic hair bands, add pitch black crayon around the eyes for DIOR.


The fake and the supernatural. Fake lashes are big business and look grand to no make-up and supernatural brows for Saint Laurent.


Nail colour, nail shape, logo nails and nail art, a platform for expression on a miniscule space.


Fotos by ManiMe, from the book The new Beauty, Gestalten