A summer spritz

ILLUSTRATIONCOMPORTA/PORTUGAL: Summer is the smell of my skin after going for a swim in the sea, letting myself dry in the sun and then just put on my favorite sunscreen. The smell of this mixture is all I can think of when it comes to scent and perfume in the sun. I wonder if I do need a perfume after my shower at night when I come home from a day at the beach or if a tonic, a body spray, a calming body mist or verbena-infused dry oil will do even better.

All these sprays come with radiant, active ingredients which nourish, energize or calm my skin with ingredients that not only smell good but also feel and do good. Spray them all over your body after a shower and pat or massage them into your skin. They feel lighter as any perfume, they have a cooling effect and some of them are infused with a vitamin complex A, B, C & E like LAURA MERCIER’S VERBENA INFUSED DRY BODY MIST or have pure baby coconut water as a main ingredient like the COUTURE ZEITGEIST SCENT BLEND by AMBUJA. The smallest bottle comes by RITUALS TAO/YIN, a calming bed & body mist which is also perfect when you travel by plane and want to get some fresh aura around your seat or airline pillow and TOM FORD’S NEROLI PORTOFINO has the most beautiful spray bottle which reminds me of a mosaic turquoise pool in Portofino. BIOTHERM has the largest variety of scents and combinations in order to calm or energize your senses and all of theses sprays and splashes will make you think of the sea salt on your skin, the sun, the beach and your holiday for a long time after you have returned back home.