The denim style edit

In our last sale week (until 29 January), we select our best sale pieces to suit your personal denim style. Mostly tops from our autumn collection with a selection of accessories, bags and shoes to create an effortless look perfect for the upcoming transition season from winter to spring.

Here are IRMAS tips for sale pieces at Jasmin Khezri Collection.

1, Look for best sellers and evergreens. Some pieces are holdovers and will be back in the next collection, just with a different fabric or a new detail.

2. The size doesn’t have to be perfect when you find your favourite piece from the collection. If my favourite trousers are only available in size M, but I have size S, go for it.
Wear another model in XL or a belt and cut it down to get a new silhouette.

Veste Rue Royal Black Checkered

3. Opt for colours that are next season’s colours. Find out here

4. Look out for accessories that will spice up your look, either through colour, fabric or texture, and make it look new.

Cala. Petite fleur. Shirt. Jasmin Khezri Collection

5. Look out for standout pieces from a collection. Sometimes these pieces are still available because they suit the tastes of fewer customers. These pieces could become your favourites.

6. Think of gifts for the whole year and make a selection of accessories or classic pieces to give to a loved one.

Knitwear from the Jasmin Khezri Collection