Fashion now! New shapes & techiques

The proportions of fashion are about to change. The many different techniques and artificial intelligence are inspiring designers to create new designs and products and make them with craftsmanship. Check out these designers, commercial or not, all taking design to the next level.

Elmo Mistiaen, the founder and Brussels-based designer of the brand Aidesign.png, designs a collection using artificial intelligence.
The designer takes street fashion to a new level by working with popular oversize proportions and adding elements of surrealism to his designs.
Take his highly innovative outerwear, consisting of down jackets, camping tents and backpacks – all in unusual shapes that promote the concept of biomimicry: the down jacket has giant butterfly wings, the tent imitates an octopus and a giant backpack is a praying mantis.
He also adds knitwear with unusual textures and details to his collection.

Elmo Mistiaen

The former ballet dancer turned designer and creative director of his concept shop Maison ARTC in Marrakech makes a strong impression with his slow-fashion attitude. Artsi Ifrach designs wearable art and unique pieces from vintage textiles. He combines cultural heritage with artisanal techniques and artistic imagery to create a unique design language.

Artsi Ilfrach

London-based artist Sarah Beasley learned to knit from her mother during the 2020 pandemic and designs her own artisanal knitwear collection that combines elements of punk, destruction and disproportionate shapes.

Sulk knitwear

Image director Kerry Haynes perfectly sets the new collection of geometric jewellery shapes in a composition of disproportionate but harmonious liaison with the viewer. The jewels become the focal point of a look.

Saint Laurent spring 2023. ©runway

Katie Roberts-Wood, founder of her label Roberts | Wood, has an unusual scientific approach to clothing, evident in her innovative use of fabrics and construction methods drawn from her decades of medical studies. However, her brand is not only characterised by her analytical mindset; her creative and more feminine-sensitive side comes through in her nature-inspired pieces. She combines handwork and technology to develop a unique language of construction techniques.

Robert Woods x-ray & vortex dress

The British designer combines a utilitarian accessory like a handbag or hat with the craftsmanship and mix of jewellery for her unique designs.

Simone Rocha


GIVENCHY is about body consciousness and language that currently define our vision, a mix of gender liquidity, form and statement.

Givenchy, spring 2023. ©runway