Take care of your hands

Today your hands are in focus and we found some tipps and tricks on how to pamper and protect the most powerful tool of your body.

Hands are particularly strained in everyday life and are one of the most obvious aging zones of the body. The infuser hand mask by Wonderstripes smoothens and provides the skin with valuable ,high quality active ingredients, such as moisturizing shea butter and avocado oil.
The mask, which can be reused up to three times, contains revitalizing balms printed on soft sheets. The anti-aging formula reduces wrinkles, improves hydration and visibly minimizes age spots.

MY TIPP: Put the hand mask on when you take your bike, like this your hands are protected from the sun and get an extra treatment while you take a ride.

Age correct hand mask by Wonderstripes

Massage your hands at night for at least five minutes to let the goodness of the moisturiser soak in. For very rough hands, mix your moisturiser with a bit of Vaseline so that they are protected all through the night.
When you are washing dishes, gardening or carrying out any chore that allows your hand to interact with chemicals, grease or dirt, ensure that you are wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands.

MY TIPP: Massage your hands with Coconut butter which nourish aswell your nails. Take five minutes after you have been working on the computer and massage your wrists.


What you eat is very important. Proteins, Vitamin B, Vitamin E supplements should be a part of your diet to get healthy, strong nails and to keep your hands supple and soft. Lots of water and a daily glass of almond milk are extras that help your obverall skin glow.

MY TIPP: When working in the kitchen with food, like for example cutting avocados, squeezing lemons, making a dough use your hands and have the waist of what ever you are cutting massaged into your nails and hands. Lemon is always good to sterilize your hands and they make your nails extra white.


Start your mornings with a short session of hand yoga. It helps to overcome obstacles and blockades that is, stress related to personal or professional life.


AAKASH MUDRA- To perform this -the thumb and middle finger are brought together. The other fingers are casually stretching. Aakash stands for The Element of room or ether.
BENEFIT: The exercises calm the soul gives inner peace, promotes concentration as well as memory and helps in insomnia and depression.

SUNYA MUDRA – In this you bend middle finger until it touches the ball below the thumb. The thumb performs light pressure on middle finger. The other fingers are stretched. Put your hands, palms facing up, on your thighs. Sunya Means “sky” or “zero”.
BENEFIT: It has a healing effect on the ear area and helps with different complaints such as ear aches, ringing in ears.
It can help with imbalance, dizziness, travel sickness, sea sickness and nausea brought by movement.
It helps in healing throat and nose infections.