6 things IRMA recommends this summer

This summer is going to be different from all other summers. For many of us it will be a time to start traveling again. And traveling feels different now.

I remember my first dip into the sea a few weeks ago on Mallorca after a year.
A visit to your favorite beach restaurant or bar, inviting friends to your home and celebrate summer in a blossoming garden- this will all be possible soon, whether you are mingling with your family and friends or still carefully staying apart from crowded spots.

Here is IRMAS recommendation for the summer ahead:


Staying at a private holiday home has many advantages.
You can cook your own food, and you get the experience of food shopping at a local farmer’s market and getting closer to the culture and vibe of the place you are visiting.
You can be a welcoming host to your friends and throw your own garden party, or just spend the day by the pool and do nothing.
The advantages of holiday houses are endless and a nice one will also inspire you for your own home and interior. There are many to find at https://www.boutique-homes.com and we like this one in Comporta



We are in love with summer knits this season, they are colorful and soft on your skin, keep you comfortable at night and look great with any summer outfit. No.21 Resort 2022 Collection shows fabulous ones and our Irmasworld – the label has a unique collection of hand knitted summer wear, made with organic cotton in vibrant colors, inspired by the illustration art from Jasmin Khezri, @irmaillustration.



This time we cannot get enough of the sea. Soak in all the advantages the sea has to offer and return home with a healthy glow. Walk along the beach to stimulate your reflexology points on your feed and get a massage for free 😉
Leave the salt water on your skin and brush it off later with a loofah sponge before showering at night. It takes off dead skin particles and opens the pores for a better detoxification. Make sure to use lots of moisturizers afterwards.



Three meals a day that offer all the nutrition’s of seasonal summer food. If possible, skip gluten and dairy products.
We are not talking about a stick diet, but more of embracing the taste of summer with seasonal products and a spritz of the best local olive or avocado oil you can find.



Get lost in a series of books by Assouline.com that showing you the best and most endearing summer destinations. We love PROVENCE GLORY and cannot wait to swim in the waters of the Calanque de Sormiou in Marseille and drive through fields of lavender in Valensole. This Roman landmarks still prevail from the 1st century AD alongside châteaux from medieval times—a varied legacy brightened by the indigenous mimosas and cypresses.



Copy the artists who have been living and working in beautiful summer locations, like for example Frida Kahlo, David Hockney and many more. I also enjoyed reading, DIARIES OF A YOUNG ARTIST, edited by Shelly Bancroft, Peter Nesbett.
The book offers honest, valuable lessons by artists that will inspire and affect artists-at-heart everywhere and makes a perfect summer read.