Different summer, new dress

We are planning another vintage sale and this time it is all about the summer dress.
It is the beginning of a new era, where we are aware of what we wear, how we consume and how we will spend our money.
As you know we love preloved and vintage dresses because they carry a story to tell. Carefully crafted with prints and fabrics they remind us of magical times from a different era.

We are obsessed with vintage dresses and the Irmasworld vintage archive is always looking for new finds from around the world. We do not only draw inspiration for our own designs at Irmasworld – the label. Sometimes we simply adore the combination of fabrics, textures and prints.

Our Vintage Sale will take place on the 30.06 – 2.07.2021 in Munich.

If you are interested to visit us, please send us an email at info(at)irmasworld.com or a direct massage via Instagram @irmasworld.
If you don’t live in Munich we are happy to send you pictures of all the available looks.

This project is another way of making fashion move slower and buying more consciously.


Missoni, 2005
PUCCI, 2007
Leonard, 1988
found vintage. unsigned, circa 1943
Chloe, 2008
ACNE, 2012
ACNE, 2012
PRADA, 1999