The most sustainable bag

There are many trends that catch our eyes and unusual combinations are even better. The raffia bag or summer basket does not seem to leave our bucket list, not only for summer, as trans-seasonal basket bags make an impression all year round.

Jasmin Khezri with the Medium basket, cognac strap & ivory yarn embroidery

But what makes a basket unique and special. We think it is the ultimate piece of artisanal accessory, that does not set any boarders when it comes to creativity. On top it is the most sustainable bag when manufactured with natural ingredients and on top it is a perfect canvas for every designer to leave their creative mark. Have a look at our Art Basket story some weeks ago.

A basket will always bring that holiday vibe to your look, no matter how grey the sky is and when you mix it to a fully dressed outfit it sets a nice contrast and says: ` I am a boho girl `
We love this attitude of this evergreen summer accessory that comes slightly new every summer.

Here are our latest additions to the Irmasworld basket collection.

All manufactured by hand in Portugal and embellished by a handicraft artist in Germany, a former teacher at the Bauhaus in Dessau, who made this collection unique.



Raffia shopper XL


Raffia Coral Basket



Medium basket, cognac strap & ivory yarn embroidery


Coral medium basket


Coral medium basket


Mini basket “IRMA with large patch”


Medium basket, cognac strap & ivory yarn embroidery