5 Eye make-ups to wear with your Face Mask for a very stylish look

Eye and brow make-up essentials are on a rise while wearing a face mask the last weeks. The lip stick goes back in line and we want to put all the emphasize on a beautiful eye make-up.

We asked Munich based make-up artist Horst Kirchberger to create 5 eye make-ups that make an impression for your next party, event, wedding ceremony or just to look pretty when riding the tube.

All you need to know to create an eye make-up matching your favourite IRMA face mask


IRMA: What is the best base to start an eye make-up
HORST KIRCHBERGER: Always start with your make-up and actually apply it first on your cheek bone and work towards the eye for a natural blend. Only then you see if and how much concealer you really need.

IRMA Face Mask No. 51, available in IRMA´S SHOP or at Loden Frey in Munich.

IRMA: Is there a trick to bring more focus on the eye?
HORST KIRCHBERGER: Yes, you need to get the area under the eye even, smooth and naturally high lightened.


IRMA: How about the eyebrows?
HORST KIRCHBERGER: The eyebrows are extremely important. Brush them first into shape and you might want to cut some fine hair to even out the shape. Once you create a clean brow take a hair colour brow pencil and create an arch, fill out gaps and emphasize their natural shape.


Blouse by Irmasworld, older collection

IRMA: How can you go wrong with your brows?
HORST KIRCHBERGER: Today, most women are influenced by a beauty ideal from Instagram and everyone wants dark unnatural, super curved browns. Keep in mind that the eyebrow has to match you type and never use too dark of an eyebrow pencil, it will always look too harsh.

Dress by Tory Burch Summer 2020 Collection, IRMA Face Mask No. 48, 

IRMA: Let’s talk about eye shadow. For these make-ups we wanted to match the face mask with the colour and overall look. All your eyeshadows have a very high pigmentation and seem to be ideal for a little bit of an exaggerated look.
HORST KIRCHBERGER: Depending what you like to achieve, use the colour intensity you like, by adding more colour with a brush. Always start from the inside of the eye and work towards the outside.
It is almost like painting, using light and creating depth and contrast to underline the benefit of your eye shape. For example, narrow sitting eyes need to focus on the outside to make the eyes look further apart.

You can also use concealer and highlighter on the inside, upper lid to create more light .


IRMA: We used a lot of orange, pink and coral eye shadow. How do you work with these colours so that it does not look as if you had cried all night long?
HORST KIRCHBERGER: Add darker shades of eye liner to frame the eye, so there is contrast and the eyeshadow sits in place.


Linen blazer by ARKET, IRMA Face Mask No. 33

IRMA: Is there another trick to lighten up the area around the eye for a fresher look.
HORST KIRCHBERGER: Yes, always use highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, especially when the other half of the face is covered. Like this you create a natural glow that gives you a very awake fresh look.


All products used for Greta’s eye make-up are by Horst Kirchberger

Greta wears Face Masks from the IRMA SUMMER 2020 Collection, available in our shop or at Loden Frey Department store in Munich.


IRMA red linen top, older Collection and blue cotton pants new collection, coming soon, IRMA Face Mask No. 45


Make-up artist Horst Kirchberger at work in his studio at Luitpold Block in Munich.



Thank you to our team

Make Up Artist: Horst Kirchberger

Photographer: Jasmin Khezri

Beauty Editor: Susanne Mayr

Styling: Dagmar Murkudis

Model: Greta @Vivamodelmanagement