ART & FASHION: Presenting the new Resort 2019 Prada Collection 

Jasmin Khezri wearing the Resort 2019 flower pant, Prada. Fotos by © Claudia Ast

Talking about Fashion is one thing, but when it comes to incorporate art, architecture and culture within a Fashion Talk, PRADA is the perfect inspirational partner. Miuccia Prada’s collections are always a conceptual story and for me it was a great pleasure to host an Art & Fashion Talk at the Prada store in Düsseldorf to a selected group of ladies this week.

Here are 10 notes why investing in a Prada piece is good lasting news:

  • COLLECTORS ADVISE: The older it is the better it gets. For the Resort 2019 Show Miuccia Prada built an entire collection around the topic of making previous collections totally Up To date by reusing texture, print and cuts.


  • THE SHOW LOCATION: The location to present their Resort Collection in New York in May was the PRADA Headquarter building on West 52ndStreet, a former Piano Factory which had been transformed in 2000 by the architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron. The building had been stripped down to the base and only a concrete structure was left. The venue seemed most suited for this Resort collection which found its roots exactly in the late 90ies when Miuccia Prada was known for her cool defined ugly prints, the low waist, the heel loafer and the techno stretch dresses, skirts and jackets. They all made a reappearance in this collection.
Resort 2019, Prada
  • LOGOMANIA: Different Logo types had been updated with a specially designed logo range by OMA, the design Studio of Herzog & de Meuron. These different logos present the special PRADA NY 019 logo made of jacquard intarsia: A deluxe souvenir which appears in different Typo on shoes, hats, polo shirts, dresses and coat.


  • DIGITAL AGE: The show was digitally projected on mega screens on Time Square in New York and the giant reflecting panels inside the building brought in the evening light of the city skyline into the venue of the show. Of course, it was a scenery of an art project, typical for Miuccia Prada.
Hat, Resort 2019, Prada
  • REMAKE: Why is Miuccia Prada reediting her most favorite and successful pieces? Because in times of Instagram, when access to archival collections is made easy and just one click away, millennials think of it as super cool, kind of artsy retro look and older generation wear those styles in reminiscence to their younger days, a brilliant idea that speaks to different generations and fills the age gap.


  • ACCESSORIZE: Accessories always play a dominant role and giant trapper hats escorting a long, elegant, chiffon skirts entertain a street style edge from the grunge ages of the 90s and at the same time keeping you warm when it is still cold outside (Resort is sold at the end of November) . Chunky bacalit chains and earrings compliment sporty zipper style polos and Brocade tops which are tailored sporty-ish and easy to wear combined and layered.


  • EVENING WEAR: Prada’s new evening look is a brocade suit or a brocade blouse and mini-skirt with rich embroidered socks.
Shoes, Resort 2019, Prada. Foto by © Claudia Ast
  • THE ART OF BEAUTY: The beauty looks of the show had been yellow colored nails in French manicure. The hairstyles show dominant highlights and made us remember the 90s vibe immediately.


  • THE PRINT: The rich prints – all new in style and placement – feature floral or geometric patterns that can be mixed together and combined with each-other.
Resort 2019, Prada. Fotos by © Claudia Ast
  • SIGNATURE PIECE: The square cut leather coat and jacket create an elegant contrast to the vibrant prints and fine, pastel chiffons.


  • MINIMALISME: Did Miuccia Prada brought back minimalism? Yes, but with an innovative twist. This time minimalism is not really minimal, everything comes with a surprising detail: like the techno skirt, that has a slight ruffle which is kind of minimal, but then again can a ruffled edge of a skirt be minimal?
    Well, Miuccis-YES she can.