When a yoga teacher creates her perfume


LONDON: When Nadia Narain rolls out her yoga mat, students like Lara Stone, Kate Moss and Rachel Weisz take a deep breath and enjoy not only the straightforward way Nadia teaches yoga. They are also taken away by her latest scent LUA which she has just created and which works perfectly well with yoga practice.

Nadia is the yoga teacher you have been waiting for as she has the talent of teaching even a group class in a very personal way. You have the feeling she only talks to you. We were curious and wanted to know how yoga practice works together with scents and we learned a few interesting things that we will copy from her when we are doing our yoga session next time.

IRMA: How did you come up with the idea of creating your own scent?

NADIA NARAIN: I’ve always mixed my own fragrance with aromatherapy oils and everyone has always commented on it. I put a drop on whenever I walk into any situation, even on palms of my hands.
Because they are aromatherapy oils they have properties that can change your mood and those around you. I started with a range of natural plant wax and aromatherapy oil candles. There are 5 scents in my range. The perfume was a dream I had and now it’s a dream come true.

IRMA: Why did you call it Lua?

N.N.: Lua or Luna means moon. Moon is the feminine nature and I wanted to give it a name that reflects something mystical, magical and feminine…. Like the moon. I chose Lua as it’s more unusual and it’s also the name of a beautiful girl I know who is special and beautiful inside and out. And that’s how I wanted a woman or a man to feel when they wear it.

IRMA: How important is scent during yoga, isn’t it distracting?

N.N.: More and more people are using the benefits of aromatherapy oils with yoga practice. And if it’s subtle it shouldn’t be distracting. When people come into class with any strong scent, whether perfume, after shave or strong deodorant, I find it very distracting…… I don’t like strong scents, which is why I created Lua.

IRMA: What is your most favourite scent in nature?

N.N.: I love flowers and eucalyptus leaves. I also love the smell of fresh grass and a fire burning.

IRMA: Something that you always carry with you?

N.N.: My Lua scent and lip gloss.

IRMA: What are your favourite flowers?

N.N.: Roses!!!! Especially the scented ones between May and September. I spend a fortune at the farmers’ market. I love sweet peas and narcissus and jasmine plants.

IRMA: Do you have any tip about how to make your yoga mat smell well?

N.N.: Haha! Yes I’m very particular about it. I wash my mats regularly in the washing machine with little detergent and cold water (depends what kind of mat you have). But super easy is to get a spray bottle with water and put lemon and tea tree or lavender oils in and spray your mat!

IRMA: Where is your favourite destination to do yoga and why?

N.N.: I teach once a year in a beautiful place in Turkey and at Christmas I go away to a beautiful place (my secret). Anywhere warm and I can be close to nature and eat good food with a beautiful yoga studio to practice in works for me!

IRMA: What represents happiness for you?

N.N.: A lot of things. Being in nature always does. But happiness is an inside job. So when I look after myself and am kind to myself I can be happy anywhere anytime.

IRMA: What would be your best tip to feel happy even in hard times of life?

N.N.: Be kind and gentle to yourself especially in the hard times. Treat yourself how you would treat your best friend or your child. And one of the best pieces of advice someone older gave me is at these times, the hard times, do something nice for yourself every day. Breathe well and know that this too shall pass….

You can order Nadia Narain’s scent at www.nadianarain.com and her DVD, Everyday Yoga for Stress Release with Nadia Narain, £10.99 at www.amazon.co.uk. She teaches at London’s TriYoga studio.