Blanc Cassis, a Cocktail to enjoy on a Sunday Noon


LONDON: I just remembered my London days when I had a glass of Blanc Cassis the other day at the Tory Burch Party.

When I lived in London there was one thing I never did anywhere else. Whenever I invited friends over for Sunday lunch and we were all in my kitchen in Little Venice preparing our meal, we sipped our favourite Drinks although it was not even noon time. The boys went for Gin Tonic and the girls enjoyed Blanc Cassis. So this is a little reminiscence today and I would like to share with you a glass of chilled Blanc Cassis which by the way is the Fashion crowds most favourite cocktail.



The Blanc Cassis is a variation of the Kir Royale, a perfect cocktail for any season or party where women with good tastes happen to be. A red cocktail made form crème de cassis and dry white wine, served in a chilled champagne flute. Voila!


1 oz. Crème de Cassis

White Wine – dry

Glass: Champagne Glass



Add crème de cassis to a chilled champagne flute.

Fill with chilled dry white wine and garnish with any red fruit, such as raspberry or strawberry, if desired.