What to pack for the sea & the lake

By now we know that packing light is a huge benefit, not only so you can get out and about as quickly as possible and spend the day at the beach rather than waiting at the airport for your luggage, but also because packing less means thoughtful dressing ideas with fewer cloths, fewer accessories and not too many choices.

Here are IRMA’S tips on what to take on a summer holiday by the lake. We recently stayed at Villa Passalacqua on Lake Como (read about it here )

  1. Remember that the nights can get chilly around the lake, so pack some summer knits and rather firm but soft fabrics such as cotton instead of linen.
  2. Think in layers. Waistcoats are a great addition. Wear them over bare skin when it is hot during the day and use them as a colourful cover up over shirts and dresses at night.
  3. Ponchos are perfect for any summer holiday. Wear them over your swimsuit when you come back from the lake at night or wear them over your flared jeans at night.
  4. Think of a favourite colour scheme when packing your suitcase. The more colours you have, the more ways you can mix and match.
  5. Accessories are key and do not take up much space. A number of scarves are essential, wear them on your head to protect your hair, they make a perfect top when worn under a blazer or use them as a belt or tie in your hair.





And here are our packing tips for the sea.

  1. Colours should be vibrant as the light is different and a place by the sea is perfect to experiment with colours you would not normally wear at home. so better dare than worry too much.
  2. We also pack vests because they are perfect to wear over your swimsuit, even at night with matching trousers or just a pair of shorts.
  3. Stock up on travel hats for a day at the beach. They take up less space than summer hats and are fun to match with your swimwear.
  4. We would never travel without our travel trousers as they can be styled elegantly with a short jacket or shirt or just with a swimsuit for your morning yoga class. We have designed a pair with extra long straps that you can tie around your hips if you want to take some of the volume out.
  5. Don’t forget colourful summer knits. Ours are made from organic cotton and are comfortable to wear even in warm weather. They are easy to combine with skirts, shorts and trousers and can be worn instead of jackets.