What Milaidhoo can do for you

Milaidhoo is kind of different, in its own way. It is a smaller island in the Baa atoll of the Maldives, a 35-minute flight with the sea plane from Male. It has all the assets a five-star resort has to offer but somehow it feels different from the moment you put your foot on the soft sand.

The Maldivian-owned resort puts an emphasis on everything traditional the region has to offer and pairs it with modern luxury. You can sense that as you enter your private villa which is shown to you by your island host. Yes, island host, not private butler. Our island host is Lana, a pretty Maldivian girl from Male, who is working towards a degree in psychology and writing poems in her free time. I only found out about it after my third day and some very interesting conversations. We talked about her colleagues and life on the island, actually because little details, like for example a hand-painted coconut as a “don’t disturb” sign caught my eye. It had been painted by one of her island co-workers.

At my Beach Villa 202 with the best view to enjoy the sun go down.
Wearing Céline pants, blouse by Set, Summer 2018, sunnies by Asos

The creative spirit weaves through the entire concept. The beautiful handwoven textiles are in the typical design of Maldivian patterns and the large swing on our terrace is a traditional Maldivian swing you can find on the doorsteps of any island home.

Speaking about Maldivian tradition, you will taste what Chef “Seabass” from Ba’theli Restaurant can create with the native spices and recipes all transplanted into native dishes with a French twist as he learned from other French chefs. The mélange is a new experience, especially when you think of the location, an over the water restaurant inspired by the traditional Maldivian sailing boat.

Silk dress by SET, Summer 2018

Let’s come back to our Villa, as this is the place you will spend most of your time. It is perfectly designed with an extra-large pool (one of the largest pool for private villas in the Maldives). There is no need to use the hotel infinity pool where you will find a great sundowner bar, but to be honest, I preferred sipping my Martini on the swing.

Dress by Miu Miu, Winter 2017, sunnies by Saint Laurent, Spa pavilion

IRMA’s tips for making the most of it

Take off your shoes and don’t put them back on, even when you go for dinner.
Milaidhoo is a barefoot resort and walking barefoot nonstop for some time
actually stimulates your senses again (and, by the way, makes beautiful soft feet).

Book a Mood Dinner and let yourself be pampered like a baby.
Start with a full body massage, followed by a private candle light dinner and hot scented bath.
A final meditation session before you actually go to bed will conclude a peaceful mind
and a rested body and soul and make you sleep like an angel.

Food is heaven.
Of course, the resort’s restaurants have all the international food you can think of
but why not opt for the native dishes the region has to offer.
Start with a Maldivian breakfast which is naan bread called disc, made of flour and grated coconut,
and Tuna salad (Mashuni) with black tea and fresh juice or a platter of fresh cut tropical fruit
completed with the chef’s selection of smoothies and cold pressed juices.

Make use of the rich knowledge of your spa therapist.
They know everything about making your skin and soul feel beautiful and enlightened.
Ask them about traditional remedies and methods THEY follow in their daily beauty regime.

Scuba dive and have a chat with the marine biologist.
You have probably snorkeled before but every house reef is different
and every marine biologist has a different story to tell. It is like getting to know a new world.

Rest as much as you can.
The days are short and pass so quickly as it is your precious holiday time
but make good use of it. I love to spend the hottest time of the day inside my Villa
as you can transform it so that you actually have a full outdoor living place but in the cool shade in privacy.
Walks or stand-up paddling around the island are best in the afternoon
and the light for snorkeling is best in the morning.
Always book your spa treatments after sundown when your eyes are closed
and you can hear the sound of the ocean.