TREND: Why country living is coming back

Not so long ago every metropolitan flat had a country-style, shabby floor and a long wooden table in the kitchen with a hand-picked looking bouquet in a clay vase.

All that changed a few years ago when we wanted to live in an interior by Jean Royere, mid-century style, sleek, elegant with an edge. Flowers were no longer free-style but cut at one length. A room was carefully curated with matching books and art and the home owner simply seemed to be perfect.

Now I learned that country style is coming back, not only in the countryside where it always had its place but also in the city again. Why is that? Do we need a contrast to a digital way of life? Are we looking too often onto our screens instead of books?

I experienced it myself and whenever I have the chance to visit the countryside, my eyes get a rest, my mind can breathe again and even the style of my interior is not the same as in the city. Here I allow furniture that I bought a long time ago and did not find a place for in my town apartment. Inherited living accessories find a loving space, and flowers and leaves are not bought in flower shops but handpicked straight from my garden first thing I arrive on a Friday night. Cups and plates are all mixed up from different eras of life and old books find shelf space on steps and fireplaces.

All this is pleasing to the mind, just because it is different, a bit from a former time and therefore extremely romantic. So are we going back in time? Not at all, we just know better how to rewind with things that are rough, old and express the style of nature, country-house style.

And don’t worry: Mix it with whatever you already have. It does not only look good, it is also your own way of sustainable living.

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