Wear a Macintosh when you travel and you are always well dressed

Jasmin Khezri wearing a Macintosh trench coat at Soho House, Berlin. Photo by Albin Shodden
Simon Hantai, Meun GB647, 1967 at Timothy Tylor Gallery, London

February is fashion month, and while some of you may be traveling from A to B, between trains, planes and automobiles you might think about what is best to wear and to pack.

The classic trench coat is a perfect choice. When it is large enough (and that is the way it should be), you can wear warm layers underneath and you are always protected against wet and rainy or even snowy day. The cut is a classic and lets any fancy fashion outfit look effortless, making the classic trench a must wherever you go.

Worn at night time, this coat still has a chic and elegant mode. Just pair it with satin mules and some velvet. Packing is made easy. You can fold it up so it fits nicely into your luggage or wear it just hanging over your shoulders on top of a jacket. Anyhow there are many out there. IRMA selected her favourite ones:

Helmut Lang
Saint Laurent

Artwork by Simon Hantai, Meun GB647, 1967 at Timothy Tylor Gallery, London. The show FREEFORM: Jean Dubuffet, Simon Hantai, Charlotte Perriand runs until 29 March 2018, timothytaylor.com; Jasmin wears a trenchcoat by Macintosh from THE STORE, shot at Soho House, Berlin, by Albin Sjodin