Travel light: IRMA’s favourite travel beauty products while vacationing

By Rosa von Paucker

IRMA travels light when it comes to beauty products and uses products for multiple purposes. Here is her selection of refreshing and handy must-haves.

Estée Lauder – Pure Color Love Lipstick (Crazy Beautiful / Edgy Creme) 

This nurturing mixture of pomegranate, mango and acai berry ensures extra lip care and gives your lips a great tint for summertime. Enjoy the additional vanilla scent and dab it lightly on your cheeks in case you forgot your rouge at home. It works just as well!

Aveda – Pramāsana Purifying Scalp Cleanser

Leave your shampoo at home and travel light with Aveda’s purifying scalp cleanser smelling of grapefruit, neroli, and cypress, it’s all you need during long summer days. Pramāsana gel purifies the scalp and removes any pollution ensuring beautifully exfoliated hair and a refreshed scalp. As you are mostly in the sea all day, your hair does not need a shampoo.

Aveda – Pramāsana Protective Scalp Concentrate

Another product by Aveda’s Pramāsana collection made 96% from naturally extracted ingredients. This basis for healthy hair ensures scalp protection from any external influences, bringing your hair and scalp back into balance. Especially helpful when your head and hair are in the sun all day, probably without any sunscreen.

Darphin – Lumière Essentielle Serum (Illuminating Oil Serum) 

When it’s warm outside and the moist air nourishes your skin after washing your face with clear water, the Darphin Illuminating Oil Serum is all you need! Leave your moisturizing creams at home and enjoy this crystalline serum with marine extracts leaving a vibrant glow.

Dior – Hydra Life (Jelly Sleeping Mask) 

After a day at the beach use this overnight mask instead of your regular skincare and wake up with softer, more hydrated skin. Pat the mask under your eyes to get rid of any light swellings for a fresher complexion and you do not need to carry an eye cream on top.

Tom Ford – Sole di Positano (Eau de Parfum)

Inspired by the beautiful town of Positano in Italy, famous for its steep streets and golden sunsets, this perfume lends you a floral scent with citrus and orange aromas that make you still dream about your summer holiday, even when you are back home.

Korres – Castanea Arcadia 

This anti-wrinkle and firming day cream with arcadian chestnut tree extracts is the only cream you need this holiday. Castanea Arcadia works as a moisturizing, matting and anti-aging cream, restoring skin firmness and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Put it in your hand luggage and use it as a mask while travelling.

Royal Fern – Phytoactive Anti-Aging Serum

Munich’s number one dermatologist has created an anti-aging serum with immediate effects for a glowing and firm skin appearance. This beauty product acts as a moisturizing and anti-aging serum, apply in the evening and wake up with regenerated skin. Put the serum in your minibar fridge and use it ice cold in the morning to get a double effect of anti swelling.