Travel light

Packing light for travel is becoming increasingly important, especially for those who have little time and need to get to their destination quickly.

I’m about to embark on a trip to Tangier, Morocco, via Madrid, before heading to Paris. This trip is to create several features for our spring issue of SOTHEBY’S REALTY Magazine, to be published in June.

The clothes I choose have to be versatile, combining practicality with elegance, as I’m visiting some really distinctive places and want to look my best while maintaining my personal style. This approach varies greatly depending on the destination, whether it’s Copenhagen or Tangiers, but the essence of my style remains the same.

The joy of travelling is immersing yourself in the destination, not worrying about outfit choices. That’s why I plan my wardrobe in advance and make sure I don’t pack anything unnecessary.
Here are IRMA’s tips for packing light:



A medium sized bag is ideal for both day and evening use. Enhance its fun factor with pendants and card holders. This bag can also hold a pair of trainers or loafers to optimise your luggage space.



Lay out all potential packing items on a rail to assess their volume and colour palette. This prevents direct transfers from wardrobe to suitcase and allows for a thoughtful selection process. Consider each outfit to eliminate ill-fitting items or simplify your wardrobe.



Choose shoes that are comfortable in warm weather without socks and suitable for cooler temperatures with socks. Choose a colour that complements your outfits or stick to a cohesive colour scheme for simplicity.



Swimsuits serve multiple purposes: beachwear, sportswear and even a top when accessorised with jewellery. Pair them with leggings for yoga or under a blazer for evening wear, and choose styles that are easy to shampoo for multiple uses.



Explore our collection of reversible jackets and vests that offer day-to-night versatility and save space in your suitcase. These pieces feature Pierer Frey’s unique fabrics and stand out on their own.


Opt for multifunctional beauty products, such as overnight masks that double as night creams or facial masks that can be used as cream cleansers. A multi-coloured palette for lips, lids and cheeks can save space in your make-up bag.

By following these tips, you can streamline your packing process, ensure you take only what you need and enjoy your travel experience to the full.


The flights were organised by Radermacher Reisen.