My Gommino

A true family affair that began in 1900 with Diego’s grandfather Filippo della Valle in the Marche region of central Italy, where he was a shoemaker. From 1940 to 1975 he transformed his business from a shoe maker to a larger scale, producing in different factories to widen the business. His son, Diego Della Valle, had the vision of taking the company to a larger scale and international platform, which he succeeded in doing step by step. First, in the 1980s, to give the company a more international name, from De La Valle to J.P. Tods, where he found inspiration in a New York phone booth in the Yellow Pages. A name he chose for its short, international pronunciation and style to create a modern logo shape.

Soon his classic car shoe was being worn by Hollywood actors such as Audrey Hepburn and Andy McDowell and in 1990 Princess Diana’s assistant picked up a pair in the Via Montenapoleone store in Milan because it was the perfect shoe to suit her lifestyle of driving and spending time on yachts as she was known for her timeless and sporty style.

A classic ever since, the Gommino is made from a single piece of leather and every stitch is hand-sewn. There are about 100 steps to make a pair of Gomminos and the most important part is the quality of the leather, which is always the best, grade 1-3, considering there are 75 grades of leather quality.

Tod’s is also known for its craftsmanship, not only for the quality of a product, but also for the generations of shoemakers and saddlers who remain loyal to the company.

This season, Diego Della Valle wanted to give his customers the opportunity to create their own Gommino, My Gommino, a custom-made version that takes up to 4 to 5 weeks to produce in Italy. You can choose the leather, colour and stitching of your choice.

Another iconic piece is the DI bag, a shopper perfect for travelling and also very well known since the 1990s when Diana bought one and was seen carrying it wherever she went, travelling, shopping etc.
This iconic bag can also be personalised as MY DI BAG and you can choose different sizes of lettering, up to ten letters and 9 different colours of leather or canvas. You can also design your own shoulder strap and get creative with words, names, sayings and numbers or zodiac signs.
This year there is even an app, a digital passport for the DI bag, which tells you all about the making of your bag, like the artisan who makes it, you get a longer warranty, you are informed about store events, new items in store and you get a birthday gift, there is even a chip that allows you to track your bag with the app.
This is just the beginning of how Tod’s wants you to become part of the creative and artisanal process of its products, which stand for their exceptional value.

The brand’s commitment to artisanal excellence is further highlighted by details like the COSTOLATURA, a hand-painted black line on each bag, a testament to the cultural value of their craftsmanship.

The introduction of Matteo Tamburini as the new creative director, known for his work with Emilio Pucci, Rochas, and Bottega Veneta, marks a new chapter. His inaugural collection, presented at Milan’s historic Darsena tram station, mixed sophisticated and streetwise elements, refreshing the iconic Gommino loafer and introducing modern takes on classic apparel and leather goods.

Trench coats, shirts and trousers were updated for the season with wide, exaggerated cuts and oversized, elongated hemlines.
Leather in the form of garments and accessories remained at the heart of the collection, but its subversive take on classicism meant the introduction of asymmetric silhouettes and some decidedly more casual totes, carry-alls, mules and boots.

This innovative direction signifies Tod’s ongoing blend of tradition and contemporary style.