This year IRMA will be exploring the world by luxury train trips 

IRMA is looking forward to traveling with Rovos Rail through South Africa.

Looking for a different way of traveling? Train trips might be an option and IRMA has selected her favourite routes. There’s a train journey for just about every type of traveler. For example, active travelers will appreciate the Glacier Express in Switzerland because the itineraries give you the option to disembark and take hikes through the surrounding mountains. If you are looking to explore more exotic destinations, you could hop on Japan’s luxury Seven Stars Cruise Train and explore the island of Kyushu in wither two or four days. Those seeking a longer, more relaxed journey should consider Golden Eagle’s 21-day Silk Road, which travels between Beijing and Moscow, or Rovos Rail’s 15-day journey between Cape Town and Dar es Salaam, which IRMA is eager to hop on, a true vintage luxury train. IRMA spoke to Brenda Vos, one of the organizing members of the founding family on what to expect, when to go and what to see.

IRMA: What is the best time for traveling?
BRENDA VOS: Our summer months are from September to April and most of our guests want to travel to South Africa when it is hot.

IRMA: What should I pack?
BRENDA VOS: Casual daywear. We do ask guests to raise their standard of dress for dinner, so dinner jacket and tie for gentlemen and ladies to dress accordingly – a cocktail dress, lovely blouse and slacks, jersey with a beautiful a scarf…

IRMA: Which view is a must-see?
BRENDA VOS: We offer seven journeys throughout Southern Africa so there are so many! The 10-day African Collage journey is spectacular – especially when the train travels the Montagu Pass. On the two-week Dar es Salaam journey the train stops on the Victoria Falls Bridge. The nine-day Namibia Safari travels through the Namib Desert, and the two-night Cape Town journey or Durban Safari also travel beautiful landscapes!

IRMA: What makes this trip so unique?
BRENDA VOS: Well, you’re on a vintage luxury train travelling through Southern Africa so that’s unique in itself. The windows on the train also open so one can get fresh air and breathe in the landscapes rolling by. We also have some of the largest train suites in the world so the train is spacious and comfortable. All of our suites have their own bathrooms so there are no shared facilities and our Royal suite has a bath tub as well as the shower.

IRMA: What book to read on the ride?
BRENDA VOS: I think that’s up to the guest… But perhaps a book on South Africa’s history or a good old fashioned romance novel!

IRMA: What should you definitely NOT take on a train trip with you?
BRENDA VOS: Anything that can connect you to the outside world! We are proud providers of the digital detox so have no Wifi, TVs, radios etc. on board. We want our guests to rest, relax, chat and truly get lost in this incredible experience.