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NEW YORK: Patrick, Hiro, Flynn and Julian are just a few names from Tom Ford’s latest lipstick collection Lips & Boys II, which will be for sale starting December 1st. It comprises 50 names of gentlemen who inspired Tom Ford to create his colour palette, all of them personalities with an interesting story to tell. Just think of  Francesco, could it be the painter Francesco Clemente? Or Joaquin, might this be Joaquin Phoenix whose CI is a Tom Ford pair of shades? Or the furniture and interior designer Vladimir Kagan whose designs Tom Ford collects. You can go on playing the game and make up your own stories.


Anyhow, lipsticks have never been more entertaining and when I thought about movies in the 50s or 70s, when social media still were not around, I thought of the short text messages the ladies left on the bathroom mirror for their loved ones. Whichever name that might be for you, it might help you pick your favorite colour, and because I am curious I would love to know which one is your favorite one and did you ever leave a message with your lipstick?

Take part in our raffle and fill in the missing bits to win your favorite one. Good luck!


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