Not just any kind of hotel

NEW YORK/BERLIN: Don’t get me wrong but a lovely hotel needs all the things that make a place personal and luxurious for you and of course good bedding, a great room with a view and delicious breakfast and food is obligatory. But while we are travelling the world, we more and more come to like our very special places where we are very much looking forward to check in because they have something special that others don’t have. It is no longer our favorite pillow from the scented pillow library or chocolate by La Maison au Chocolat although we are in Tokyo and not in Paris. It can be little things which make us smile.

We found two places where we keep on coming back and let the hotels answer our questions why these add-ons are just perfect. Many, many 6000 books at THE LIBRARY HOTEL in New York and a hotel coffee shop with homemade cakes and sandwiches at the 25HOURS HOTEL BIKINI BERLIN.


IRMA: Can you take any book that you want at the LIBRARY HOTEL? Can you take it with you in the room and read it? Is there a checkout/in service?
THE LIBRARY HOTEL: Guests are welcome to take books from any public area and bring them to their sleeping room. There is no check-out/check-in service and we ask that guests don’t take books home but sometimes they do…. and they will send them back once they’re done reading the book.
IRMA: Who curates the books and magazines? Is there a concept/idea behind it?
TLH: No real curator. Dr. Ruth Westheimer is the curator of the books in the Love Room (1100.006) and Vera Wang is the curator of the Fashion Design (700.006) room.
IRMA: What does it mean to live around books, why do books lend such a personal touch?
TLH: I think that’s a very personal answer and depends on each guest. Everyone that stays with us has a different reason why they love to be surrounded by books.
IRMA: How often do you add/change books and do you have special book events?
TLH: We add new books every 3-6 months or whenever needed. We have had some author signings and book releases.
IRMA: Do you have a tip on how to take care of books, especially when they are handled a lot?
TLH: No real tips. You just have to dust them all the time, repair book covers if they’re ripped, and constantly buy new books to replace.
IRMA: Where do you like to shop for books and magazines in NYC?
TLH: We partner with Strand Bookstore for all of our books.
IRMA: What is your most read book at the hotel?
TLH: I wish I knew the answer to this but I have no idea!


by Michael Wünsch, Managing Director

  1. The Bakery is equipped for all seasons: we’ve got a beautiful terrace for summer, while we light up several gorgeous fireplaces during the colder months.
  2. We are situated in the heart of Berlin, whether you are just getting started for a day of action or taking a break from shopping, anything you’ll need is right around the corner.
  3. There are plenty of local delicacies to go with coffee, such as five elephants cheesecake or Kapstachelbeere’s peanut cake
  4. We simply have the best coffee blend in town.
  5. You always can have a superb hanging session in one of our hammocks by the Bakery.