IRMA for RMK, Japan

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TOKYO: This Christmas I am very proud to introduce you to my latest project with the Japanese Make-up brand RMK, in Tokyo. I was asked to design an edition of make-up boxes for their latest collection, Christmas Colour Jewelry, and the idea was to create different characters of women with their own personal taste for jewellery and make-up.

I looked at my vintage Jewellery Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier books and one of my favourites, Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewellery, to get an idea of what kind of jewellery is worn by different women.

Make-up plays a dominant role when you wear jewels. Whether it is a simple, fine gold chain or a sparkling diamond, the colours you choose for your make-up enhance the brilliance of the piece and can give your skin a beautiful glow.

It was a lot of fun to bring all that together and the RMK Creative Department did a fantastic job to design a luxe packaging for these key make-up items.

Besides my monthly beauty column in Nippon ELLE this is my latest cooperation for the beauty market in Japan and I am very happy that IRMA is a contributor and part of this beautiful world.

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